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Like most students, our two favourite things in the world are television and getting stuff for free (our third favourite is Marks & Spencer’s flapjack cookies, incase you were wondering), so we thought we’d tell you a bit about

What is it? is a TV on demand service with a huge selection online that you can watch completely free of charge. There’s comedy, drama, entertainment and lifestyle, all there at your fingertips and available for nothing – all you have to do is cope with the occasional advert. If you can’t handle the ads, you can just get a paid subscription for only £2.99 per month – less than a pint of beer!

How’s it work?

For their free TV on demand service, have partnered with the BBC, 4oD and Demand Five, as well as some great independent content producers to bring you the best bits of UK television whenever you want, all in one place. As well as a ‘Catch Up’ schedule, featuring a selection of shows from the previous week, the free service also includes a hefty back catalogue.

What shows do they have?

The selection includes every episode of a number of essential shows, ranging from recent hits like Skins, The Inbetweeners, Misfits and Hustle, through to classic Doctor Who and must-see comedy like The Young Ones, Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place and Spaced.

As well as their Premium ad-free service, have also partnered with the BBC, MTV and Universal to provide a huge number of rental shows, including Spooks, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica and 30 Rock. Most shows are available for 99p per episode or at a discounted fee for a whole series and, once you’ve paid, you’ll have 30 days to watch an episode or 90 days to watch a whole series. At last, you can embark on that epic Lost marathon without having to shell out for an expensive boxset or even move from the under the duvet on a hungover Sunday. (Just don’t forget to stock up on the flapjack cookies.)