Big Finish: Doctor Who and Torchwood Scribe award winners

The audio producer ties with itself for the Audio Drama prize in the 2021 awards. The Scribe awards celebrate excellence in tie-in novel and audio dramas based on television shows, movies and games. This year, the judges were unable to choose between Matt Fitton’s Doctor Who: Out of Time 1 and Tim Foley’s Torchwood: Tropical … >

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Torchwood: The Five People You Kill In Middlesbrough review

Torchwood: The Five People You Kill in Middlesbrough is the latest monthly release. Fronted by the institute’s sometime head-honcho Yvonne Hartman, it gives us an insight into how she gets the job done. Yvonne, the credited writer, tells us of her struggles dealing with the aftermath of an alien spaceship crash on Middlesbrough. Handling first … >

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Plans for Doctor Who Captain Jack graphic novel suspended

Several websites which once featured a graphic novel referred to as Doctor Who 2021 Event are now deleted or edited to say that the item is either unavailable or out of stock. The graphic novel featuring Captain Jack Harkness and written by Jody Houser and illustrated by Roberta Ingranata was offered for pre-order and scheduled … >

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The worlds and locations of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Participants in the immersive theatre experience Doctor Who: Time Fracture, which opens in London this month, can expect to visit 17 different worlds and see many locations on video as part of their adventure. There will be many surprises but these are the known places participants can expect to visit, in person or by video. … >

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Captain Jack cameo removed from ‘Doctor Who: Time Fracture’

The creators of Doctor Who: Time Fracture have made the decision not to include footage they recorded of John Barrowman as Captain Jack as part of their immersive theatre experience premiering in London this month. Virtually hidden among the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of their website under the question, “What’s happening with Captain Jack Harkness … >

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Doctor Who, Time Fracture: John Barrowman and David Bradley cameos added

John Barrowman and David Bradley have filmed cameo performances to reprise their roles as Captain Jack Harkness and the first Doctor (first played by William Hartnell) for the immersive Doctor Who theatre adventure Time Fracture. Their performances were captured at Kennington Film Studios in London earlier this year. John Barrowman said: “I wanted to get … >

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Cover of Torchwood: Gooseberry from Big Finish

Torchwood: Gooseberry review

Torchwood: Gooseberry, the latest monthly release in the Torchwood audio range from Big Finish, brings back together the winning pairing of Owen and Andy for another high-stakes adventure. It’s a character combination that’s often been the springboard for comedy. But there are fewer jokes in Gooseberry – an altogether darker affair, which turns renewed attention … >

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Torchwood: Drive

Review Torchwood: Drive

Tosh is back on a solo mission on the streets of Cardiff, trying to track down and quarantine an alien artifact that’s being used for nefarious purposes somewhere in the city. The problem is that this technology is moving around at speed, and Tosh is on foot with no chance of keeping up. Worse still, … >

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Cover of Torchwood: Coffee audio from Big Finish

Torchwood: Coffee review

What’s the difference between Torchwood and a good quality cup of fresh-brewed coffee? One is an irresistible, live-saving force that keeps the economy, society and sanity of Cardiff powering through trials and tribulations of all kinds. And the other one is Torchwood. It’s a relationship between the bean and the team explored in Coffee – … >

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