‘Strike Back: Shadow Warfare’ cast Q&A highlights

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Here are some of the highlights from the discussion…

» Robson Green: “I’ve never stopped being in awe of this program. They’re movies for television. They’re just incredible.”

» Robson Green: “It’s the relationship that [Sullivan and Phillip] have, that lovely endearing relationship that is unspoken. It’s the love they have between each other and you really care about them. You want to follow them. I thought it was great”

» Philip Winchester: “It’s a mix of hard work and lots of fun to film. It’s bloody hard work but it’s also a ton of fun.”

» Philip Winchester: “Jo’burg is rough and ready. There were a few spots where we needed armed guards to go in. So we were completely tooled up with the grenades and stuff, and we’ve got guys following us in with real guns. So that was quite an experience.”

» Sullivan Stapleton: “Michael and I went for a walk and jumped in and floated down this river. We weren’t sure if we would be insured to do that! But I got one of the art department boys really pissed one night and he said ‘funnily enough we had to take down all the signs that said ‘Crocodiles’ and ‘No Swimming’.”

» Philip Winchester: “I think this series has really turned a corner. The first series was us just figuring out what this show was, and then last season we were into it full steam and things got quite dark with the script and characters; and this series, particularly with the addition of [director] Michael Bassett we’ve just turned a corner. He really cares about the show – he doesn’t care about us though!”

» Robson Green: “It’s trippy watching [Winchester and Stapleton] doing all their own stunts.”

» Philip Winchester: “Typically Michael Bassett – we ended up doing a lot of stunts we’ve never done before.”

» Robson Green: “My character has a corrosive past. Something dark happened in his past that he will have to confront as part of his story arc.”

» Philip Winchester: “Stonebridge is still dealing with loss and we want to explore the consequences of the choices these characters make and how they deal with that stuff. They’re not superheroes, they’re real men.”

» Sullivan Stapleton: “Anything I said would be kind of a spoiler. Both these guys have grown up now. There’s less gratuitous sex which I think the crew appreciated. Scott and Stonebridge’s relationship was nice to play also, they’ve become closer.”

» Philip Winchester: “We see these two guys actually questioning whether or not they still want to be soldiers any more.”

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