Top 5 movies to watch this Christmas

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When it begins to really get cold and the nights draw in, there is no better form of entertainment than a good movie and if you can find one that makes you feel warm inside, you fill forget about the weather outside!

2012 has been an absolute cracker of a year when it comes to smash hit movies and Christmas time is set not to disappoint, so get yourself comfortable, get the corn popping and take a look over these festive movie gifts that are sure to warm your cockles:


The Snowman and The Snowdog

A timeless classic has finally been revisited after 30 years as the silent snowman and his slipper wearing young friend return to our screens for the very first time. Many people would argue that the eternal classic rendition of the Raymond Braggs book should be left to its own majesty but the creators of the sequel have remained genuinely true to the original in terms of rendering, plot and general sentiment. No one can deny that feeling of excitement and childhood wonder when they are transported over a winter wonderland serenaded only with a chorus of the haunting yet beautiful ‘Walking in the Air’.


Rise of the Guardians

The innocence of the children of earth is under threat and only the ancient powers of the Immortal Guardians can bring the evil spirit Pitch to justice. With amazing voice acting from Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isla Fisher and Hugh Jackman, Rise of the Guardians fills your world with Christmas wonder. The movie is in Vue Cinemas now, it is rated PG and is available in 3D so you can almost touch the magic!


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The short heroes who are light on their hairy feet are back as Peter Jackson tackles the prequel to his classic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. Ian McKellen returns in his role as the wizard Gandalf and Elijah Wood comes back to play the unforgettable Frodo. The protagonist of this piece though, Bilbo Baggins is respectfully played by Martin Freeman. Though The Hobbit is not exactly festive, it is the type of epic you can really sink into when it is cold outside.


Boxing Day

Boxing Day is based around the storyline of Leo Tolstoy’s Man and Master and hits the cinemas on 21 December. Directed by Bernard Rose and starring Lisa Enos and Danny Huston, the movie is highly intelligent, witty and thoughtful. Greedy property developer Basil takes a treacherous journey to Colorado, leaving his wife and family on Boxing Day in the hopes of getting his hands on some prime property for a very reasonable price. Taxi driver and ex-violent alcoholic Nick is the one to take him there. The weather seems to be their only foe and as this story comes to a crescendo; both main characters are moved by what they find in the snow.


Hue and Cry

Although this 1947 classic has not been remade, it is being showed in many cinemas this Christmas period. The movie is clever and funny and is perfect in its original incarnation. A street gang manage to foil the plans of a master criminal who sends out his orders in the form of comic strip wording. Once the boys cotton onto the plan, they are able to make alterations to the commands and sway things to their own fortune. A great classic movie for the whole family.


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