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Queen Charlotte — success might mean more Bridgerton spin-offs

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Queen Charlotte is the most watched English show on Netflix for the second week — might this mean more spin-offs?

Looking at the Netflix Top 10 of English language shows for the week May 8-14 shows Queen Charlotte at #1 with an audience of 158,680,000 hours. While you absorb that, add in the numbers for the previous week, which rated 148,280,000 hours. Consider also the show launched mid-week, so this second number represents only four days viewing.

What do these Queen Charlotte numbers mean?

First note within each week the huge gap from first to second. Now add together the weeklies, and the show has (in only 11 days) gathered a total audience of over 300,000,000 hours. If you scroll down the Netflix pages linked above, you’ll see the Top 10 for the first 28 days. The bottom show (at the time of writing) is Inventing Anna with just over 510,000,000 hours. Barring a dramatic drop in audience, we think it will enter the chart within the next two weeks, and finish at around #7.

This would then mean three Shonda Rhimes Bridgerton shows in the Top 10. If you pop back to the first link, you’ll see that last week not only did Queen Charlotte top the chart, but both previous seasons of Bridgerton also made appearances.

But is it any good?

Short review — a must watch for any fan of Bridgerton. Checking with Rotten Tomatoes, it shows a 94% reviewer score, though a lesser 70% audience score with over 500 audience scores counted. We wonder if the intensity of the King George part of the series was too much for some viewers.

So what next?

While setup as a limited series, and telling a clear story of Charlotte’s marriage through to the birth of her first son, and covering interesting ground in Bridgerton era history, there are possibilities. We’d love a second season (were there a clear story) but also note there’s plenty for both Lady Dansbury and Violet Bridgerton to do, both in flashback and ‘current’ times.

While author Julia Quinn has avoided digging too deeply into Violet’s story, this latest series sets up some loose ends we’d happily see taken forward.