Bingo in films

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Today, there are millions of us playing online bingo games.

Part of the attraction of online bingo is that you get the chance to win huge prizes even though the cost to play is very low. Most online bingo sites have games that start out at 5p or 10p to play. You can also play bingo for free on Facebook where the prizes are virtual, and most bingo sites now offer free games that have cash prizes to be won.

But bingo is a game that has been around for many years. It was the favourite community game in America and the UK during the 1950s through to the millennium and now online bingo has really taken off all over the world. So it’s a part of our social history and because of that, we often see bingo featured in films.

One such example is Bingo (1991), a story about a dog named Bingo. It’s a family comedy about a circus dog who has run away from the circus and saves a little boy’s life. The boy, Chuckie, is a bit of a loner, so he and Bingo start to do everything together, but when Chuckie’s family move to another part of the country, Bingo’s not supposed to come with them…

Beach Blanket Bingo is a 1960s comedy starring Frankie Avalon, Anette Funicello and Linda Evans. It’s a classic beach movie that features lots of rock n’ roll songs. It’s the tale of a love triangle, with plenty of subplots going on as well, including a mermaid falling in love with a dork and some motorcycle gang antics.

Bingo gets plenty of cameo roles too, where a game will be going on in the background of a film. It featured in the animated film Hotel Transylvania, where the monsters on vacation take five by enjoying a game of bingo. And a bingo game is one of the main scenes in Big Momma’s House 2, where Big Momma takes the family she is looking after to see how she spends her free time. The little boy who hasn’t uttered a word during the film starts shouting Bingo and chaos ensues!

Bingo is very much a part of our history, but with more and more people signing up to bingo sites every day, it’s going to be a part of our future too!