Inside No 9 — On the Buses

Inside No. 9 goes On the Buses

Inside No.9 cast details for series 8 as well as a first look image… On the Buses anyone? The BBC has revealed cast details for Inside No. 9 series 8. Our curiosity was more aroused by the first look image: for fans of a certain vintage (including some of us at CultBox) the red bus and … >

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Pearl Mackie in Doctor Who episode 'Oxygen'

7 things we loved in this week’s ‘Doctor Who’ episode, ‘Oxygen’

If you thought the future of capitalism was bleak, this week’s episode of Doctor Who agrees! ‘Oxygen‘ sees a disconcertingly essential resource become monetised, with disastrous consequences. I sure hope any developing space companies are taking notes about why this is a bad idea. But here are some other interesting things about this week’s jaunty … >

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Everything we know so far about ‘Ocean’s 8’

The return of the hit Ocean’s franchise is now only a year away! A spin-off from Steven Soderbergh’s trilogy of American comedy heist films – released in 2001, 2004 and 2007 – Ocean’s 8 is scheduled to arrive in cinemas on, rather appropriately, 8 June 2018. 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven was itself a remake of 1960’s Rat Pack movie … >

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10 things we loved in this week’s ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Smile’

The terrifyingly topical ‘Smile’ follows in a now longstanding tradition of a) largely brilliant single-word-titled Doctor Who adventures; and b) adventures that make innocuous contemporary things and make them utterly terrifying. But apart from feeling slightly creeped out by using emojis for the next few days, here are a few other things we noticed while … >

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‘Doctor Who’ quiz: Which generation of Cyberman are you?

Just when Cyberman fatigue was setting in in Doctor Who, it was announced yesterday that the original Mondasian Cybermen – last seen in 1966’s The Tenth Planet (also their first appearance) – would be returning for Season 10’s finale. You’d have to have had your emotional inhibitor chip activated not to be excited about that. … >

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