No Time To Die

No Time To Die gets final trailer ahead of overdue release

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The wait is nearly over — No Time To Die arrives in cinemas later this month. Watch the new trailer now

The delays over the release of the latest James Bond film No Time To Die have been much covered, and we won’t dwell on them here. We can look forward, instead, to actually seeing the film from September 30, with box office opening (we assume this applies to the UK) from September 13. There’s even a Final International Trailer.

At 2:23 running time, the trailer packs in high-octane action, Bond tropes a-plenty and a moody, reflective voiceover. We expect lot of people will be keen to see this on or near release, but will it be enough?

The bigger picture

The studios are in a challenging place. Even if they complete a major film (and Covid delays still continue), when do they release it? Audiences are returning to cinemas, but are the numbers enough to cover the costs? If they wait, they have to pay interest on the investment (or take funds from elsewhere). Estimates place the latest Bond epic (and Daniel Craig’s final outing) at an estimate £214 million, with around £14 million of that being the interest charges (as reported by Movie Web).

It’s interesting to see the box office opening mentioned, and it’s clear the money men will be watching advance sales very hard. Expect a lot of attention to the opening weekend takings, and we see this as an important indicator for many future releases. While cinema chains want the audience back, many organisations (eg Disney) are looking at simultaneous premium streaming launches, which have deep consequences downstream, even if they are profitable for the streamer.

We’ll be watching closely (after we’ve seen the film) and will let you know what happens.