5 Fantastic Movie-Themed Slot Games

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Whilst not everybody loves the same type of movie, you would be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t have a favourite film or, at least, a favourite genre.


As a result, movie-themed slot games have become increasingly popular in recent years, with top distributors such as Netent having made movie-themed slot games a priority. Check out this list of casinos with Netent games for a chance at playing some movie-themed slot games.


The truth is, there are hundreds of great movie-themed slot games out there, but which ones are the very best? Let’s take a look at 5 fantastic movie-themed slot games.


The Dark Knight


A joint collaboration from Microgaming and IGT, The Dark Knight slots game is a five reel machine featuring characters from what is a modern day classic movie. Symbols come in the form of familiar faces such as Harvey Dent and even the Batman himself, with each character offering varying degrees of value.


With randomly allocated bonus prizes and free spins, the element of surprise is very much at play in The Dark Knight slots game. What’s more the random progressive jackpot is yet another enticing feature that can reward players with seriously big wins.




One of the most popular films of the 20th century gets its own casino game in the form of the Scarface slot. Interspersed with scenes from the iconic movie, the game includes appearances from everybody’s favourite Scarface characters including Manny, Chi Chi and Tony Montana himself.


With free spins and bonus levels offered throughout, the Scarface slot is an exciting game that provides thrills and the chance to win hefty cash prizes.




The Gladiator slot game is based on the Oscar winning film starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, directed by Ridley Scott. Featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines, this Playtech  slot game can be enjoyed from just 25p per spin all the way up to £1,250.

What separates this movie themed slot game from others is the inclusion of clips from the film throughout the gaming experience, a smart feature that really ramps up the drama.

The Gladiator slot game is available on mobile and tablet and,  with jackpots in the six and seven figure region, there is some serious money to be won on the Gladiator slot game.


Forrest Gump


In the five reel Forrest Gump slot game, fans of the iconic film will recognise motifs and characters from the movie when they are used as symbols. These include Jenny, Dan and indeed Forrest himself.


With a max jackpot of 5,000 coins – triggered when players land a Forrest symbol in all five reels – the pick to win bonus element brings a further layer of excitement. The inclusion of an interactive Run Forrest Run feature make this slot game one of the most engaging and fun movie slots around.




Composed of two five reel sets, the Grease slot game offers double the chance of winning as players can follow either Sandy’s game or Danny’s game, or both.


Packed with bonus rounds, a mystery wild feature and what is an extremely fun Yearbook bonus, the Grease slot game offers nostalgia by the bucketload as well as a serious chance at winning some enormous cash prizes.