8 tips to craft an unforgettable college essay

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Your personality, interests, and background are unique, and you are required to write a college application essay. There’s no better chance to tell one’s story. You have only one attempt, and you have to make it count. Make your essay thoughtful, personal, and with meaning. Be genuine and honest, and you will make your essay shine. You can read more tips on great application essays here.


Since beginning an essay is arguably the hardest part, start your essay by determining your strengths and establishing your traits. The hardest thing is that which hasn’t been started. Analyzing yourself can help kick-start the essay. Are you unable to start the application and the deadline is drawing near? You could try the services of custom paper writers. These include writers who complete different kinds of papers including term papers, creative writing, resumes, personal statements, and application essays.

Make the draft

Once you have started noting things down, ideas and thoughts will start flowing. Organize how your essay’s text and examples will appear by creating an outline. With an outline, you have a structure, write your draft. Just get ideas that come to mind on paper. Do not think about errors at this stage; you will improve your writing and fix mistakes later. However, you can always send a draft to a custom essay writing website – Essay Hero. They will assign your draft to expert custom writers for editing.

Use the three essay-parts formula

Develop the introduction, body, and conclusion. The Introduction is the first paragraph in any simple-structured essay. Here, you introduce the reader to why you are writing the essay. Your article should be intriguing. This way, it will capture the admission officer’s attention. A famous quote or an exciting experience can do the trick. If you decide to use a quote, it should be brief. Mention the purpose of your essay. While in school assignments we work this part by developing an argument or a thesis, here you need to give the admission department reasons why you are the best candidate for the position. You provide a glimpse of the reason why you qualify and be sure that you will be able to support it with facts, events, and examples.

After you have written an interesting intro, move to the body part. Unless otherwise stated, three paragraphs for the body are mostly recommended. Ensure that everything you write in the body serves as the support for your reason for joining the college. Do not mix different ideas in one paragraph. Let each paragraph carry a single idea. Paragraphs should equal in length; no single paragraph should be less than the rest. A paragraph should have an opening statement, supporting evidence and its ending statement. Opening and ending sentences show the start and end of an idea. They tell the reader when a new idea starts.

Conclude your essay by summing up the ideas in the body paragraphs. Use the conclusion to relate the idea in your intro with the discussion in the body of the essay. Make sure not to introduce any new ideas in your conclusion. Consider it as a recap of the main points that you have mentioned in your essay. The three essay parts formula or the five-paragraph essay structure is the key to completing your essay with ease. However, one can always use the services of custom essay writers to get the job done.

Your essay should be focused

Relate your strengths and personal qualities to the question asked. A relation between the question and your argument makes your essay more focused. Ensure that the body is in support of why the college should consider your application.  Other students are tempted to use the content of someone else’s application in response to the same question. Do not be tempted to use another person’s answer even if it was for the previous year’s admission. Some applicants can be outstanding when it comes to maintaining focus. Read about successful applicants by following this link.

Be creative

Being creative doesn’t mean writing about something that never happened. Instead, it means that you should be good at finding a creative angle. You need to be creative with words; think of an experience that you can relate to the reason you need to join your college of interest. Be creative with your strengths and traits. While it is recommended to list your strong characters, listing them in style is even better.

You should be honest when writing the essay

Where the question asks about your great traits, experiences or why you believe you are most suitable for the position, answer honestly. Applicants are often tempted to write about things that they think the admissions office would be interested to hear. Avoid lying. Instead, write about things you have experienced, but only in a creative fashion. Remember, we write best when we are talking about events that we witnessed.

Show your essay to others

Try to get the opinions of as many people as possible. Let your friends, teachers, or family read your draft. Ask if it sounds like you and if it makes sense. Make changes from the feedback and opinions you get. As you polish your draft, ensure that you keep your voice. If you are reading your essay and in some paragraph, you hear your dad’s voice, change it.

Once you are through with the draft, proofread.

Proofread your essay taking care not to miss any grammar or typing errors. Avoid comma splices and run on sentences; they can water down the well-constructed ideas and arguments. This part is where you get someone who hasn’t read it and ask them to have a look. Other people can see mistakes that you can’t. Make corrections to the noted errors.

For more help and tips on how to write exceptional application essays, you can look up the services of custom essay writers online. They deliver services customized to student needs hence the word ‘custom.’ They are experts that have specialized in writing college essays for students interested in pursuing different courses and careers.