Amandaland - Philippa Dunne, Lucy Punch & Joanna Lumley

Amandaland – BBC commission a Motherland spinoff starring Lucy Punch

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Adventures in the world of secondary school are coming for Motherland‘s Amanda in Amandaland

Providing three series so far, the joyous Motherland rang true with anyone who’s ever done a school run. While the show itself seems to be finished – the last being 2022’s Christmas special – the BBC have unveiled a spin-off.

Amandaland will follow Lucy Punch’s Amanda as she relocates and has to get a grip on secondary school life. Luckily, she’ll be joined by the ever-reliable Anne (Phillipa Dunne). Additionally, we can look forward to exploring the fraught mother/daughter relationship that Amanda enjoys with Felicity (Joanna Lumley).

Here’s what we can expect in Amandaland

Post her divorce, Amanda has had to downsize and up sticks to South Harlesden, or as the Estate Agent calls it SoHa (definitely not the area around Wormwood Scrubs prison).

With both Manus and Georgie now at secondary school, Amanda has to try and get her head around raising teenagers, dealing with modern motherhood horrors like teenage drinking, fake Instagram accounts and eco anxiety. Not even a woman as certain of her parenting as Amanda can deal with these nightmares alone.

Then there’s Amanda’s mother Felicity (Joanna Lumley) who is constantly around, and completely in denial that she is, in fact, lonely. Theirs is a slightly unhealthy co-dependent relationship based on backhanded compliments and veiled snipes about her new home.

After a brief spell of freedom, Anne (Philippa Dunne) is sucked back into being Amanda’s minion to help her navigate the social scene with the other parents at the children’s new school. Thank God for Anne.

The six-part Amandaland comes from Motherland writers Holly Walsh, Helen Serafinowicz and Barunka O’Shaughnessy (Breeders). All three executive produce, alongside Sharon Horgan and Clelia Mountford of Merman.

Sharon Horgan, Co-Founder of Merman says:

“We’re delighted to be working with the BBC and with this incredible cast. Motherland took off in a way that none of us were expecting and it’s just so exciting that we get to continue to make this next chapter of parenthood and friendship. We have new parents, a new school and new problems to look forward to. We can’t wait to get going on it”.

Amandaland is bound for BBC Two and the iPlayer.