Best Ways to Monetize a Blog Traffic

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Being successful doesn’t come easy, it takes time and effort. We can tell this about every kind of field in the history of work and it is particularly true for blog writing. Having a profitable blog doesn’t happen overnight, like some miracle in the Disney movies. So, one of the first questions might appear right after you start your own project, is what are the best ways to monetize a blog.

In any case, you can’t expect to have that many visitors and generate an insane amount of money like a blog that’s been around for a long time already. You may earn some money on context ads in your blog posts, but, honestly, this is nothing compared to money you can get if you put enough efforts to create a really great blog with your own network.

There is so much hard work behind every profitable blog, like editing photos and articles, not to mention to actually creating the content and, therefore sitting in front of your computer for long hours. At some point, it may look hard but definitely not impossible. And of coursе, you can monetize website without AdSence, there are actually so many ways to do it!

You may have various reasons for deciding to make a blog, such as using it for your own entertainment, as a hobby, or maybe something more serious, like a platform for your business ambitions. Whatever the reason is, if you want to get a huge amount of visitors and someday to earn money on it, your steps to achieving the final goal will be the same.

Whenever you google “how to monetize my blog,” you will find hundreds of tips and ways to make money on articles, videos, reports, and even web traffic. Do they all work the same efficiently? Not really. We have found the best ways to monetize a blog, for beginners and for advanced bloggers as well. You can certainly achieve your goals with your blog by putting in some efforts and patience. Let’s have a look what you can do.

Pick an Entertaining Topic

No need to be a genius to understand that making money will be easier if you choose the topic  that inspires you the most, so you can create content that will inspire others as well and share your interest with audience. If you already have a subject that you love and passionate about, that’s a great start. In most cases, talking or writing about your passion means that you won’t have any problems with finding new topics for new posts, since you already have much information to share.

Choose a Suitable Website

According to Forbes, the first thing you should do after figuring out the topic for your blog,  is to find the best website for it. There are websites for article oriented blogs, for photographic content, or for video content; you need to choose the one that is matching up with your subject. A professional site and an attractive design are key elements for a successful blog. Make sure your blog’s design stands out from others and take time to create a pattern. Definitely don’t rush this process; it could make your blog look lousy.

Create Entertaining Content

The best ways to monetize website without AdSense includes creating entertaining content. This is obvious but at some point can be the most difficult part to make your blog profitable. You need a fascinating, unique and informative content. Do not copy-paste someone’s other content, this will not attract many people. And do not try to get too deep into details creating huge longreads or one-hour videos. Try to make short content full of really useful information. Be precise. Be funny. Be honest. And don’t be dramatic unless this is the part of your image.

Grow Audience

An essential element for a profitable blog is to never stop growing your audience and reach more and more people with your blog. Besides an interesting content, what is definitely a great start, but not enough to keep your followers growing. You have to think outside your blog and begin to take advantage of the benefits of social media and using its different channels to advertise your content. Moreover, you should be active and come up with new posts regularly and engage your visitors.

Reward Loyalty

If your audience turns to you with a specific question about your topic, take time to deal with it and try to answer all the questions. Particularly, when you are at the beginning of your blogging career, this could really help you build a loyal community. This makes them feel as they are part of your blog, a part of the community, that you are actually caring about them. Furthermore, when you have the possibility, try to reward your devoted readers with bonus contents, giveaways, contests. Make your readers happy and satisfied, so they will stay with you.

Additionally, there are a few small but important things that can add up to monetize your blog.

  • Keep your work quality – don’t make that mistake that on the way of monetizing your blog, you give up your valued work and replace it with second-rate content
  • Keep it engaging – try to find out exciting and entertaining content, which is enjoyable for your readers but avoid being aggressive and starting an argument
  • Keep it filled – take care of your blog and keep it filled with content all the time, post as often as you can, so your visitors will stick to your blog and won’t get bored

These are the principles and best ways to monetize a blog and get it started. Don’t forget, that a great and successful blog takes time; however, once you are on the right path, you will start to see the benefits.