Don’t Miss These Hot Shows Coming Up

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New TV series or new seasons of already successful stories, take a look at the best TV shows to be launched this summer

TV Shows You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

Summer Gets Even Hotter with These TV Shows

Remember summer when you were a kid? There wasn’t much TV watching then, was it? In case you’re too young to have lived through that experience, let us assure you that in the pre-streaming age, summer was a TV dead zone. All the big TV shows were usually on a break and the replacements were hardly enough to compete with a good playtime session with your friends in the neighborhood. However, those are now ancient days and thanks to platforms like Netflix, HBO or Hulu, there’s a never ending supply of fresh content and original shows. In this article we’re going to take a close look on the most important tiles to come out this summer. No matter if we’re talking about new season of already consecrated shows or totally fresh releases, you need to make sure not to miss any of them.

Stranger Things – Season 3 – 4th of July on Netflix

What could easily be considered the biggest success of a Netflix original, Stranger Things has been renewed for a third season that was perfectly synced to celebrate 4th July. It’s not yet clear if we’re going back to Hawkins, Indiana for the third season or if the action will take place in a totally new setting. One thing is certain, though, we will still be able to enjoy Winona Ryder, David Harbour or Finn Wolfhard as well as all the other characters in their journey to return to normality. As with the first two seasons, you can count on Stranger Things to bring the perfect mix of freaky, funny and surprising adventure that are the perfect ingredients for binge-watching when it’s just too hot outside.

Catch – 17th of May on Hulu

This miniseries developed by Hulu follows the story of the 1961 novel written by Joseph Heller. Starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Kyle Chandler and Christopher Abbott as soldiers in World War 2, Catch proposes a more visceral and darker approach on the novel compared to the 1970’s movie adaptation of the novel. All fans of war movies will have the opportunity to see some incredible actors telling one of the hundreds of stories that generated from the biggest armed conflict the world has ever seen.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 3 – 5th of June on Hulu

This American TV show created by Bruce Miller is based on the novem with the same name signed by Margaret Atwood. The dystopian drama continues the story of June and other women that are planning to take Gilead down. If you’ve already been through season 1 and 2 without calling it quits, you’ll certainly appreciate the same intensity and visceral feelings season 3 brings. The show already has eight Primetime Emmy Awards out of a total of thirteen nominations and the most important is considered to be the Outstanding Drama Series. The Handmaid’s Tale is the first show produced by Hulu to win an important award.

GLOW – Season 3 – June on Netflix

At a first look a show about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling didn’t look like something that will spark public interest and even reach the third season. However, this brilliant crew managed to get everyone’s attention and is heading towards season 3. And after season two ended with the gang about to board a bus for Las Vegas where a major opportunity presented itself, we can only hope that season 3 will be the one in which everyone gets the deserved recognition for the happy ending we are all waiting for.

Casa de Papel – Season 3 – 19th of July on Netflix

Also known as Money Heist, Casa de Papel is the biggest Spanish television series in quite a while. Created by Alex Pina, the story started with the preparations for a long-prepared, multiple-day assault on the Spanish thresorery. After Season 1 and 2 brought us to the point in which the heist eventually paid of but not without a lot of drama and casualties on the way, the trailers of Season 3 seem to happen on a remote island where the group has retired to enjoy their hard-earned cash. But, just like when enjoying an Australian online casino, they can’t stay away from the thrill and excitement of trying another high-class robbery.