Five Top Netflix TV Shows to Watch on an Autumn Evening with Your Queer Partner

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As autumn arrives, the days are shorter, with colder weather arriving rapidly. We spend more time indoors glued to our televisions. So, what’s better than snuggling on the sofa with your queer partner and a boxset or make some memories by immersing yourself in the modern TV culture to impress potential gay partners on online dating sites? This appealing prospect can be improved by understanding what Netflix shows about gay issues should be viewed. From short miniseries or a massive box set that delivers hours of viewing,  these top five Netflix shows will provide endless entertainment this autumn.


Modern Family


Modern Family isn’t new, but it’s certainly worth watching because every episode is hilarious. There are eleven seasons to enjoy, and you’re going to grow into the characters and what they’re all about. They’re a rather dysfunctional family in some ways, and in others, they have nothing but love and care for each other.


You’ll discover the father of the family and how his son and daughter embark on their own journey through life, having children, and even exploring a gay relationship whereby the son wants to meet gay professionals to find love. His struggles clearly demonstrate how much luckier he would be if he chose to explore online dating sites to find relationships with gay guys, but the show wouldn’t be such a joy to watch if everyone acted rationally! There are tears, life-changing events, university, and plenty of arguments, but it’s all delivered in a humorous way. If you’re looking to spend your evenings in front of the TV, then this is the series for you.


Line of Duty


This action-packed show has been a real hit, but it is based around an anti-corruption police unit known as AC-12. You’ll follow them as they undertake a range of operations to determine the shortcomings of the police, all of which are met by resistance. The show is based around the main character known as Steven Arnott and gets moved to this special branch after he is involved in a botched operation. It’s a completely tense show with lots of action, gripping moments, and gay characters represented in a respectful and strong way – all of that brings the show to life.


The Crown


Famous Netflix hit, The Crown has now been covered in four seasons, and as you might expect, it follows the lives of the British Royal Family. Maybe that’s not a usual recommendation for a gay couple, but just wait. The main focus is on Queen Elizabeth II, and it follows her through the years and decades. You will learn about her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh, how she copes with war and crisis around the world. As you move through the years, you’ll see the Queen age, but this fascinating show gives you a real insight into the Royal Family. You’ll learn about her sisters, her children, and lots of controversies surrounding the Royal Family, including occasional gay sub-stories. Filming has already started on the next season, which means that there is even more to come!


Schitts Creek


Another comedy that can leave you feeling happier during the colder months, but this is certainly going to give you plenty of laughter. The show focuses on a wealthy family who loses their wealth and finds themselves living in Schitts Creek, which is a town they once bought as part of a joke. However, this is all they have left, and now they find themselves living in a small motel. The show follows them as they slowly become accustomed to their new life. The show follows the mother and father as well as their gay son and eccentric daughter. It’s a show that moves along at a slow pace, but that adds to the intrigue and humor. They make ludicrous decisions along the way as they seek to earn back their wealth but attempt to make the most of their lives in this new town. The show’s exceptional representation of gay issues has been noted, as it won a few awards in that regard and was nominated at the main award gay cinema and television can receive – GLAAD.


Tiger King


If you’re looking for a show that’s completely off-the-scale-wacky, then this is it. This documentary follows a gay man called Joe Exotic, who owns tigers and other wild cats. He also has a feud with a lady called Carole Baskin, who is an animal rights activist. There are rumors that she killed her own husband while Joe Exotic certainly isn’t clean. You’ll learn all about him and how he runs his park as well as the many people who work for him. Furthermore, you will learn about his strange views about gay relationships, how he practices gay love, and some secrets that soon become unearthed. It’s a completely crazy show, but it is definitely one that’s worth watching.


Netflix has given us more TV to enjoy than ever before. With everything available at the click of a button, it’s easy to settle down and enjoy autumn evenings together with your gay offline or online dating partners. Whether you’re looking for action, comedy, or documentaries that leave you feeling intrigued, we have covered them all above. So, take your pick and settle down for plenty of evenings worth of TV, all of which will help autumn to pass by in a blur!