GamStop Cancellation: Is It Worth It?

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The fascinating world of gambling is bound to interest anyone. Whether it’s the lucrative winning opportunities or the adrenaline rush from its glorious uncertainty, there is something for all. However, there is a high chance of getting carried away in this world of bling. This is where GamStop comes into action. Founded in 2017, this platform allows any punters to voluntarily exclude themselves from excessive punting.

The GamStop self-exclusion program is very rigorous and strict, considering how all the UKGC license holding casinos need to enlist themselves as part of the initiative. The self-exclusion program was formulated to promote responsible gambling on part of the punters as well as the casinos. But there are certainly more than meets the eyes. Here’s what you need to know about whether you should use GamStop:

For Whom Gamstop is Beneficial

To be honest, people are divided with their opinion about GamStop. To many, GamStop is a pioneering initiative in ensuring responsible gambling, but to others, it’s just another obstacle in the way of limitless gambling.

With the pandemic in effect, most people are left stranded in their homes. This provides a lucrative opportunity for online casinos to rake in customers, and so they have. To keep excessive personal rake up in check, many people opt for GamStop exclusion.

And that is perfectly fine as a recent study shows that the number of gamblers has grown exponentially, as has their investment. It’s only logical to implement GamStop to put a halt to the unchecked expenditure and investment.

So, if you’re compulsive about gambling, GamStop is definitely for you.

And since self-exclusion applies to all the UKGC license holding casinos, punters based in the UK are hard on luck with their hand. However, the situation is changing. The catch with GamStop was that only the UKGC license holding casinos were bound to follow the exclusion clause. It doesn’t apply to the foreign license holding casinos.

This has opened the door for many Curacao based gambling sites to take the limelight. Many punters are trying out these new sites as they offer heavy sign up bonuses. This has not only opened new windows of opportunity for punters but is also causing considerable headache to GamStop itself.

To Whom GamStop isn’t Suitable

To answer this question, you need to understand whether you’re a compulsive gambler. Do you have control over yourself while gambling or do you get carried away by the impulse? If it’s the latter, then surely, GamStop is for you.

You see, the main vision behind GamStop was to promote and ensure responsible gambling. And by ‘responsible,’ we mean you not taking away your hard-earned money.

Of course, you can never be too careful, and we wholeheartedly support you signing up for it. But it’s the exclusion time frame that is the issue.

GamStop has an exclusion time frame of either 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Now, if you have signed up accidentally or thought you should have some time off, you would suddenly realize that you can’t get in for half a year.

And on top of that, there is no way to reverse it, neither can you open a new account with a new credential – the tracking is that strong. However, if you have accidentally signed up, you might be able to reverse your exclusion, but that totally depends on the authority. You can read more about the GamStop cancellation process on, there you will find the complete guide for all UK players who want to stop GamStop self-exclusion.

This has been the point of discontent among the punters that GamStop is very serious with their exclusion policy. So, if you think you’re not a compulsive person, we would suggest you stay away from GamStop.


We accept that the idea behind the Gamstop exclusion initiative is commendable but the process and strictness make it a hassle for professionals as well as gamblers.

We acknowledge their commitment to responsible gambling, but for the most part, it is just causing a bar to business for casinos and punters alike. With that said, GamStop is far from ideal and it’s better to not sign up for it in the first place.