How to Become a Netflix Actor

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The career of an actor isn’t for everyone. If your friends tell you to have very good acting skills, you may try your luck in this endeavor.


Acting is a career path all young people like and all parents hate. We all have favorite actors, so check their biographies and find information about their parents’ attitudes towards this hobby. 90% of them were dissatisfied. Becoming an actor is a chance to explore your inborn talents, express your emotions, travel the world, and be happy because you do what you like. Isn’t it amazing? The most popular way to become an actor was to obtain a BFA in Acting after studying in college. You may try to do it, but be ready to listen to the endless attempts of parents to dissuade you.

Moreover, obtaining a degree in college means studying lots of useless subjects. You may download free college papers about sociology to solve problems with humanities. Those who major in some technical disciplines may use free astronomy essays. However, there’s an easier way to bring your dream into reality — to become a Netflix actor. This video streaming service gained huge popularity in recent years. First of all, it’s convenient, cheap, and offers own amazing content: Elite, The Crown, Sex Education, The Cominsky Method, Stranger Things.

The advantage of Netflix is that it’s ready to audition and accept unknown actors — people who have no special education but have outstanding acting skills. People consider Netflix a part of their lifestyle, and you even have the chance to become someone’s icon. Let’s find out how you can do it.

  1. Visit acting workshop

Since you’re not a professional actor, you may fail to pass an audition for the first time. The acting workshop is a good solution to reduce the chance of such an income. Usually, these events are held throughout the country and are designed for different people. We mean you may find a short-term workshop to gain an insight into the basis of acting art or start a three months course to master the skills you already have. Learn more about the acting school or the person who organizes this workshop to make sure you spent your time usefully.

  1. Find an agent

Being a newbie in the acting world isn’t a piece of cake. However, finding a reliable and professional agent also isn’t easy. Nevertheless, try to do it because agents usually know how auditions are held, can explain to you all the requirements, help to correct mistakes and just support you.

  1. Find the next audition

Netflix never announces this information, but production agencies do. If you fail to find anything, write a letter to the email or call the manager who will explain everything to you. Your task is to write everything down and pay special attention to the genre, the director, and other members of the board. After you’ve got all the information you need, start researching. What the announced genre presupposes and requires? Who are the most popular actors of this genre? Look at some excerpts of plays and movies with them. Don’t forget to find some information about the directors? Who are they, what actors do they value and like? The more you know, the better for you.

  1. Prepare a CV or resume

You may think there’s no point in designing a resume for an inexperienced actor, but this paper is valuable for other reasons. Casting directors and other people who participate in the audition may find out more about you, your education, and other background. Moreover, a resume is also a description of your strong/weak skills. If you’ve never written this paper, you’d better consult an expert to avoid mistakes.

  1. Create showreels

Finding an agent and being invited to an audition is impossible without the showreel. It’s a basic element of filmmaking. Not only actors but the directors, animators, and editors who want to find a job in filmmaking must submit several showreels. Understand what type of character suits you and lets you express all your abilities. Ask your friends to help you with preparing showreels —  a piece of advice never harmed anybody.

  1. Work on your pronunciation

Even stunning acting may be ruined by accent and wrong pronunciation. We know that many roles are then dubbed by other actors, but auditions don’t take this aspect into account. Casting directors search for perfect people, and you should play and speak perfectly. The work on pronunciation usually takes enough time. Find online courses, use tongue twisters, and YouTube lessons from professionals.

  1. Gain self-confidence

The Netflix audition, as well as any other audition, is difficult enough. Even the famous actors you know were very afraid of their first auditions. We advise you to check some stories about it. Perhaps even your favorite actor shared his emotions and feelings during the first attempt to be cast. There is a lot of information about it on the Internet, and it really helps you understand that even inexperienced actors may succeed. Proper motivation plays a really big role in your success.


Check the production companies that announced an audition recently because they are the ones who work with Netflix. Unfortunately, you can’t contact Netflix but can find out what casting directors and agencies hired by Netflix.