What are the most reliable VPN applications for watching Netflix?

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Netflix is a popular service with lots of content. After the recent update, many users were frustrated as their VPNs failed them.

The system banned the majority of VPN applications, leaving thousands of people looking for another option. This is a severe trial for VPNs, as Netflix locks servers constantly, and you may lose the access today even if it was there yesterday.

We tried to choose the best VPN services that still can deal with Netflix. Some of them allow watching only in the web browser; some of them require additional fixes. There are ways though to Unblock Netflix.

Here is the list of applications giving access to VPN for Netflix nowadays.



1. Buffered

This application had some problems with Netflix before, but now everything seems to be working ok. Unfortunately, you will not be able to install it to the mobile device to use with Netflix mobile application. A for the pluses, the developer guarantees refund for unsatisfied customers.

2. StrongVPN

This software also works only with web browser passing by the application. You can watch US Netflix from two servers situated in Atlanta and Miami. Fans of European Netflix will be satisfied as well.

3. NordVPN

This application claims that it has got special servers optimised for Netflix. However, it may take you some time to guess how to watch US Netflix with it. With this program, US Netflix is available for iOS, Android and web browsers.

4. VyprVPN

This developer started working with Netflix again after several problems. However, it is still available only for browsers.

5. Liquid VPN

This program works perfectly with USA Netflix. It even did not claim to be able to do it. Another plus is rather high speed, which is necessary for video streaming. There might be some issues with access, but the user-friendly interface and good support team will help you to get the Netflix.

6. ExpressVPN

This program is a champion of this list. It has got very stable and swift connections. The servers are changed from time to time, but the company cares about quality. Also, they offer a possibility to refund your money, so there are minimum risks. This application works well with Netflix application both for iOS and Android. This company also provides configured routers that will help you to access the Netflix application with any device. You can download the router firmware as well, but setting it up may be dangerous for the router. We recommend thinking everything over first.

Here are some programs that will not work with Netflix: Private Internet Access, Unlocator, HidemyAss, PureVPN, Unblock-US, IPVanish. Why is it so complicated to get Netflix access? The company blocks IP addresses. Some services use shared IPs, which are very vulnerable. Strange, but a program with fewer customers is more likely to bypass the protection. Netflix simply ignores it. The other variant is changing the IP of the server constantly, making it more complicated for tracking. And, unfortunately, Netflix does not respect clients’ right to use VPN, even if they pay.