Movies that would make the perfect online slot

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They say that life imitates art, a sentiment that has indeed rung true in many instances. What can also be said is that with the increasing role that movies and series hold in today’s society, perhaps that sentiment can actually be flipped around, showing that in fact, life tends to imitate art when it takes the form of movies.

By following this train of thought, one can easily also state that online slot games available for gameplay these days tend to imitate art as well. When looking at the various online slot games that have indeed been directly influenced by movies, taking on the titles, characters, graphics and premises of each movie-muse, it is clear that there is a definite correlation between the movie being made into a slot game and the sheer popularity of the said online slot game in question.

Top-notch casino online gaming software developers that have taken to offering players online slots inspired by popular movies, series and graphic novels are IGT, Microgaming and Playtech software.

Some examples of great movies (or series shows) that have proven to be superb inspirations for online slot games include, the following:

  • IGT software game titles inspired by movies are Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghostbusters, Godzilla, Avatar, The Hangover, and Charlie’s Angels
  • Microgaming movie-inspired online slot games are The Hitman, Terminator 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park.
  • Playtech software offerings of online slot games that are inspired by popular movies are more often than not Marvel-themed and include X-Men, Man of Steel, and Superman. The Love Boat, Top Gun, The Mummy, King Kong, Rocky, Gladiator, The Pink Panther and The Six Million Dollar Man.

One can easily say that most of the online video slot games on offer that are based on popular movies hold a certain allure. Perhaps the immense popularity of these types of slot games is due to a certain level of familiarity that the player may experience when playing the slot game in question.

Either way, it is quite clear that when an online slot game is created that is loosely based on any given blockbuster movie, chances are that casino online game will immediately be taken for a spin by gamers, even for nothing other than for curiosity sake.

Although there are quite a few online slot games on offer already that are based on popular movies, there are other movie titles that we would love to see make the cut.

Should a few more gaming titles become available that are inspired by more recent movie titles, we’d definitely be keen to give it a whirl. In order to get in on the online slot action it’s best to opt for gameplay via a trusted online slots vendor like A reputable online gaming site like this is sure to guarantee some great gaming indeed.

Movies that we would love to see transformed into an online slot version are as follows:

  1. Gravity, a Warner Bros. Pictures film, released on 7 November 2013 in the UK and directed by Alfonso Cuarón.
  2. Suicide Squad, based on the DC Comics of same name is a Warner Bros. Pictures film that was released on 5 August 2016 in the UK and directed by David Ayer.
  3. Total Recall, a Columbia Pictures film, based on the original film of same name from 1990. This rendition was released on 3 August 2012 and directed by Len Wiseman.
  4. Ghost in the Shell, a remake of the cult-status original manga by Masamune Shirow, this is a Dreamworks Pictures production. Released on 30 March 2017 (UK), this rendition was directed by Rupert Sanders.
  5. Black Panther, based on the Marvel comic of the same name, this film is a Marvel Studios production. Released on 12 February 2018 and directed by Ryan Coogler, this is a sure banger of a movie that will do marvellously if made into a video online slot game.

We’ll get the popcorn ready in the meantime and keep watching those super movies, while we wait for the best casino online software developers to catch wind of our movie-inspired online slots wish-list, in the hopes that soon we will be able to play these casino online slot games at our leisure.