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Red Dwarf returns to the BBC, docking at iPlayer

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The enduring comedy, set aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf , arrives in full on the BBC iPlayer. 

Although it might seem difficult to believe, the sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf is 35 years old!

The show, which chronicles the adventures of Lister (Craig Charles), Rimmer (Chris Barrie) and Cat (Danny John-Jules), began on BBC Two back in 1998. Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) joined the line-up in 1989 for the show’s third run.

Red Dwarf 5

However, the show ran out of road at the BBC after eight series, across just over a decade. In 2009, it was revived on UTKV’s Dave. There, it enjoyed a mini-series, three full runs and a TV movie.

Now, the BBC have announced that every episode of the show is coming to the iPlayer. While that’s not quite true so far – the three-part ‘Back to Earth’ was missing when we checked – we’re thrilled to see the series come home.

The show’s star Craig Charles celebrated its arrival in characteristic style…

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the show can recruit itself a new generation of smeg heads fans.

Other iPlayer additions

Then BBC have also added Kathy Burke’s Gimmie Gimmie Gimme to the streaming service too, along with Spencer Jones’ Mister Winner too.