Netflix growth in Europe (London office)

Netflix growth in Europe continues as prices rise this month

Netflix growth in Europe continues but subscribers should be more interested in the latest price rise According to analysis by Ampere Analysis (Netflix becomes the second largest TV group in Europe it’s good news for the company as it is now second only to Comcast (who own Sky) in Europe. The link is worth following, … >

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Doctor Who rumour: Jodie Whittaker to leave after Series 13

According to the Mirror, Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor will regenerate into the fourteenth Doctor at the end of Doctor Who Series 13. “The 38-year-old has told bosses she intends to stick to the traditional rule of leaving after three stints in the TARDIS, like the majority of her predecessors. One insider said: ‘It’s all very … >

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Ofcom predicts the end of traditional broadcasting in the UK

Ofcom has made the news today with predictions of the end for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as the online world is leaving current approaches behind Ofcom has been consulting on the future of the UK TV industry as part of its Small Screen: Big Debate initiative. That phase of study is complete … >

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Doctor Who fans can video conference from the TARDIS

What Doctor Who fan hasn’t wanted to host a video conference from the TARDIS? With so many people unable to leave their homes other than to shop for essential supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, more rely on video conferencing services to keep in touch with people they are unable to see in person. The BBC … >

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Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker to teach homeschooling lessons

On Monday April 20, the BBC will launch a special edition of its education service Bitesize Daily for children who are out of school due the Covid-19 pandemic. The service will feature an array of famous tutors, including Jodie Whittaker, whose Doctor met renowned scientists Ada Lovelace, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison as well as … >

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Doctor Who ‘The Runaway’ VR Adventure: plot details, headset information

New plot information about the new Doctor Who animated virtual reality adventure The Runaway, have emerged from the director Mathias Chelebourg in SFX magazine. “…you wake up in the TARDIS with [the] Doctor and an unstable ball of energy called the Volta, who may explode at any minute, taking the universe with it.” “[The Volta … >

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