The Best TV Shows of 2017

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Most Netflix shows, Marvel tv shows and other top tv shows try to stand out these days. You need to have special powers to be able determine the best.

Netflix TV shows and other Top TV shows in 2017

  1. One day at a time


This is a Netflix TV show. It is the best among most top netflix tv shows. It is a remake of the 1970’s Netflix TV show which recovered a staid genre (those socially conscious) through modifying the characters and their issues. This netflix TV show also highlighted the working-class struggles and veterans challenges.

  1. Better Things

This is not among netflix tv shows or marvel tv shows but it is one of the top best TV shows. Pamela Aldon upgraded the 2nd episode of her top TV show to become a poetry story of a frantic love and hate relationship between 3 generations of mums and daughters. This top TV show was traumatic without being emotional and Pamela’s Sam Fox is among the amazing character studies on top tv shows these days. This top TV show could also be accessed online by those who find it best to watch tv shows online.

  1. Halt and Catch Fire

This TV show is among the wonderful romantic top best TV shows to watch. Its last season that started in the eighties takes you through internet popularization. The TV show brought the troubled partnership of Donna and Cameron in full. Their discovery for passion was revived by “I have an idea”. This was one of the most interesting top tv shows that you could watch while enjoying online casino in UK: choose with Vogueplay. Apart from that, you could watch it online if you prefer to watch tv shows online.

  1. American Vandal

This is not among netflix tv shows. However, it is one of the top best TV shows that outshines most netflix tv shows. You could watch this best TV show if you were not playing slots uk because top tv shows are equally fun. This top TV show grew into one of the most brilliant top tv shows about teenagers social media mores. It was the best TV show of how pigeonholing children can get them to a certain life path before they are able to understand who they are.

  1. Fauda

Fauda is a Netflix TV show. It is actually the best among top netflix tv shows and other top tv shows. The most gritty and most tight, highly lived in thrillers was from Israel and Fauda which came in the end of 2016 before breaking out in 2017. The outcome of this Netflix TV show is predictable but it ventured into the minds and lives of the characters in both sides of the fight. This show stood out from all Netflix TV shows, marvel tv shows and other best TV shows.


Those were some of the top Netflix and other best TV shows during 2017.