Tips for the small living room

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How to properly design a small living room, what ideas and advice from the designer to apply? Our experienced designers will help you with this. It is unimportant whether you have a one-room, two-room, three-room apartment, the interior of a small living room, no matter what its layout is, should be developed and implemented at the highest level.


Sofa place in the design


If the living room is small, a well-designed project is important. The small living room does not forgive you for any mistakes, because there you receive guests and everything should be at the highest level.


Plan visually the space. Interior design, the renovation itself begins with a plan – place the high-quality furniture, taking into account all the parameters and dimensions. The main question is: how to correctly put a sofa (for example, from Homey Design Store) in the living room so that the interior of the apartment itself, even if it is small in size, is harmonious? Our designers highlight the following basic rules.


  1. Opposite the TV, on a diagonal line from the window to the doorway, is a great solution.


  1. Near the doorway. A good, but not the most optimal solution, it is suitable if guests often stay at home to spend the night.


  1. Corner sofas. Place them in the farthest corner, under the window.


Correct opening of the door: Inward or outward?


If there is no desire to draw attention to the door, it is optimal to choose invisible models, without platbands. If additionally painted to match the tone of the walls, they will be completely invisible.


But inward or outward? There are no special rules – everything is purely individual, it depends on the layout, furniture, what is the general interior of the room. The main rule here is that the doors should open easily and at the same time not interfere with movement. Also, the canvas should not block access to the wardrobe.


Placing a TV in the living room


Here everything goes according to the principle – the larger the diagonal, the more beautiful the TV will look on the wall.


Location. It is better to mount it on the opposite wall from the sofa – it will be reasonable and quite logical for the living room. And modern models can be placed as close to the sofa as possible.


Cabinet or bracket? Here it is already at the discretion of the owners of the TV – the main thing is to install it carefully so that no wires and sockets are visible. After all, they ruin even the most modern and well-thought-out design.


Height from the floor. According to the designers, the most optimal height is 3-4 ft from the floor to the middle of the TV screen. This is an approximate eye level for the viewer sitting on the couch.


Diagonal size. Much here is determined by the financial situation of the owner: if the funds allow, it is worth buying a TV of 50 inches or more. The models smaller in the diagonal will simply be lost against the general background of the wall.


Movie projector as an alternative. If the walls in the house are not so even and white, you need to install a screen on the wall. It can be lowered/raised both in manual mode and it can be equipped with an electric drive. In the latter version, it is necessary to provide for the power supply in advance, and, as always, there are no hanging wires. It is also important to determine the location of the projector. Here it is important to determine whether it will be a portable version of it or mount the projector. It is also worth picking up blackout curtains on the windows to enjoy the colorful picture.


Furniture in the living room


Armchair. Often it takes on the role of the main accent in the room, when its shape, and most importantly, the shade will be radically different from the main furniture. And for example, you can luxuriously relax in an armchair with a seat size of 35 to 35 inches.

TV stand. Today, more and more small TV stands are being placed, there is no need to store bulky equipment there, therefore it is better to opt for elegant bedside tables.

Coffee table. They give the interior a homely feel, while some models can be easily transformed into spacious tables at which it is convenient to receive guests. True, finding models that combine beauty and functionality can be difficult. And their cost is high.

Side tables. If the size of the living room does not allow you to put a full-fledged coffee table, the add-ons will help out more than ever. They are lightweight and mobile, comfortable and take up a lot of space. Plus, the tables can be art objects.

Rack. A very useful piece of furniture – you can place a lot of objects on it, and it will not block the natural streams of light and air from the window. Also, with its help, you can visually divide the room into zones.

Additional storage cabinet. When the room allows for the area, you can put a sofa in the center, and closets near the wall.

Fireplace. Here we already have to talk about electric models – they not only heat the air, but some also have the functions of an air ionizer. But the place itself for it can be not only classical but also antique or modern. The main thing is to select it so that it matches the general style of the room, and therefore you should not overdo it with creativity. It is also important to observe the principle of proportionality of size – on a large wall, with a high ceiling, it is optimal to hang modern fireplaces, large in size. But small ones will not look great.


Kitchen + living room


If you remove the wall separating the living room and the kitchen, you can create a large and bright space. But this option is not suitable for everyone, although every year it gains an increasing number of fans.


When combining the living room and the kitchen, as a result, we get a room with several windows, and the space will be filled with great light and air currents. Thus, you can get a dining area that is complete in its parameters.


Bedroom + living room


If a living room and a bedroom are interconnected, this option is not suitable for a large family. But for a couple it is perfect. And at the same time, the space can be blocked off by a rack, where you can conveniently store books and other little things.


Living room + study


It is not always possible to place a full-fledged workplace in a small square room, so simply put a table. With regard to the size of the table – if the work involves the use of a laptop, then 20 inches will be enough, if you put a stationary computer – the table should be at least 30 inches.


A table in the living room


  1. In the farthest corner. If you rarely work in the living room, this is the best solution. Make it invisible – match the walls to the tone, place the shelving side by side, the screen.


  1. At the window opening – if you work at home constantly, this is the right decision.


  1. Built into a cabinet. If you intend to keep a decent look and hide the “creative” mess – this is a super solution, close the doors and that’s it, everything is in order.


Air conditioning in a small living room


It is important to observe the rule here – people should not get cold air currents. And therefore, the further from the window opening the air conditioner unit is located, the more difficult its installation will be. Here you will have to break through the wall itself.


The indoor unit of the air conditioner is not the most presentable part of the climate control system, so many people try to hide it.