Top 15 movies that talk about Cybersecurity

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Although movies about Cybersecurity are more based on fiction than accuracy, they are still incredibly fun to watch. For anyone who has an interest in hacking and computers, these movies will be an incredibly entertaining watch (albeit taken with a grain of salt due to the inaccuracies that many of these movies portray).

We will take you through 15 different movies which deal with Cybersecurity, and briefly tell you about them so you know if any of them are up to your alley. Remember that you can safely torrent these movies if you use a VPN. Take a look at this PureVPN review to see whether or not it is good enough for you (as it worked flawlessly for us).

Why Cybersecurity movies are on the rise

In recent times, we have gone through various different Cybersecurity scandals such as the Cambridge Analytica one and the Snooper’s Charter. This has made people take a much bigger interest in Cybersecurity and thus, Hollywood has profited.

Since the majority of the mainstream Cybersecurity scandals have taken place in recent years, Hollywood has not been able to catch up. For this reason, most of the movies that we mention here have been around for a long time. Nevertheless, they are engaging to watch and a great way to spend the evening.

Top 15 Cybersecurity Movies

Here is a list of 15 different movies which are all based around Cybersecurity in one way or the other. Some of these movies are quite old and might have outdated information, so keep that in mind when you watch them.


People often call this the best Cybersecurity movie of all time. It has an interesting spin on the Internet of Things, and it is often strange to imagine that this movie came out in 1992 and not 2016.

War Games

A movie well-known to all Cybersecurity enthusiasts. The story is so complex and so sinister that you will be grabbing the edge of your seat as you watch Martin fight for his country as well as his life.


Although not a movie, it is no surprise that Mr.Robot is here on the list. Unlike other entries on this list, this show prides itself on its realism and attention to detail. For those who work in Cybersecurity themselves, this show is perfect.


Although the show itself is not about hacking, one of the eight main characters is Nomi who was once convicted for hacking under the age of 18 (he was taking the fall for a friend). That does not mean that he cannot hack though, as he regularly blogs about ethical hacking.


Another movie loved by real hackers. A really complex movie about a dangerous code that was written a long time ago and has now affected the world on a global scale. For once, you also get to see Chinese and US cooperation when it comes to Cybersecurity.

The Social Network

The Social Network is another movie that is not completely about hacking but does mention it a fair bit. Due to the Cambridge Analytical scandal, readers would love to know how Facebook came about, and that is what this movie deals with.

The Defenders

This 2018 documentary is already starting to become a classic. It takes a look at a total of four different famous Cyberattacks that have occurred in the past and tries to tell their story by talking to some of the most well-known experts available.

Enemy of the State

Who on the Earth does not know about this movie starring Will Smith? Watch him slowly inch his way out of a government conspiracy which has him entrapped.


Another new movie that you will probably love, Anon has detective Sal Frieland take on a notorious killer known as ‘The Girl’. Will he be able to find her? And what will happen then?

Zero Days

Zero Days deals with the computer program that was developed by the US and Israel to damage Iran’s nuclear program. It is hard to remember that all of this is real and actually happened when you listen to what some of the analysts and historians have to say.

Terms and Conditions May Apply

This 2013 classic lets you know about all of the issues that may arise for free services such as Google and Facebook. It is hard to imagine that most of what would have been considered a conspiracy theory just 6 years ago, seems so true today.

Live Free or Die Hard

The fourth rendition of Die Hard goes as hard as the first three but also has various Cybersecurity elements tied into it. Watch John McClain and his hacker sidekick Justin Long take on criminals who are using the energy grid as their hostage.


This story is about a girl who has an iPhone glued to her hand and there is a timer that is counting down to zero. She and her friends need to figure out what the timer is about as she cannot remember what put her in this position.


The full impact of the internet is obvious in this movie through 3 different stories which intersect one another. A lawyer who ignores his family, a couple whose secrets are leaked, and a kid who is being Cyberbullied let us know just how problematic the internet can be.

Mickey Virus

If you want to stop watching Hollywood for a minute and go Bollywood, then you can take a look at Mickey Virus. This comedy explores a lazy hacker who has been enlisted by the Delhi police.