TV Series That You Need To Be Watching In 2019

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With the ubiquitous streaming services available today it has become easier and easier for people to catch their favorite TV shows. You can even relive some of your glory days by watching past TV series. There once was a time that if your favorite show aired late at night, you had to record it and watch it later. Thanks to streaming services that is no longer the case. In addition to this streaming services have made TV series more popular than ever and the networks just keep surprising people with the dramatic and innovative show. Below, you are going to learn about some of the most exciting upcoming TV series that you should be checking out in 2019.

Good Omens

This is a show that is going to be appearing on Amazon and it is an adaption of the satirical novel of the same name. Sci-fi and fantasy fans are really going to eat this one up, but it really can be enjoyed by about everyone. It is going to star Michael Sheen as a sizzling angel with bleach blond hair and David Tennant as the hot demon. It is slated to be a six-episode miniseries that will focus on the end of times, but the unique aspect is that an unlikely duo of an angel and demon choose to spend their remaining days on earth amongst humans.

Weird City

Jordan Peele has been making a splash in Hollywood these days with some of the tautest and nail-biting horror flicks out there, but now is his chance to make an impact on TV land. This is a show that is going to appear on YouTube and the dialogue is just as well written. You would think that some of the content can from customessaymeister. That being said this is going to a series that is somewhat similar to the eerie Black Mirror, but it is supposed to have a funnier side. The whole thing is set around a futuristic city of totally weird where citizens find themselves in two very different parts of town. This would be the high-class in the Above the Line area and the lower class in the Below the Line section. The series will provide a sharp look at how to two classes differ.

I am The Night

I Am the Night (2019)
Director Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine on the set
One Day She’ll Darken Ep 101
credit: Barry J Holmes/TNT

This one here is actually a series that is based on true events. It is going to be aired on TNT and it was inspired by the true story of Fauna Hodel. She was a young woman that was given away at birth. She was raised in Reno, Nevada and remains completely in the dark about her past. As Fauna develops a propensity for investigating her family origins she runs into a disgraced reporter. Together, the two will follow the trail that eventually leads them to the infamous Dr. George Hodel. Hodel is a powerful man that is connected to the ultra-popular unsolved Black Dahlia case. This is without a doubt one complex storyline with even more complex characters that will put you right on the edge of your seat.