UK Gambling Regulators Continue To Place Rigid Laws To Protect Minors From Gambling Addiction

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The UK gambling regulators imposed another set of gambling rules to prevent gambling addition in underage individuals. Find out more here.

The online gambling sector is on the rise. But UK legislators continue to set stricter regulations for the gambling industry. Hence, local gambling operators are experiencing tougher rules implemented by the local watchdogs.

Last year, the UK gambling regulators released a new set of policies imposed on the British online gaming sector. Writers of the top casino UK review stated that the legislators are getting strict on Internet gambling advertising. In that way, no minors will be harmed against the possible addition of online gambling.

As part of the crackdown, the regulators suspended several casino games as they associate with pop culture. Some of these suspended games are specifically designed for younger audiences.

But regulators stated that those illustrations could only entice minors to participate in online gambling. If they get hooked on gambling, it could affect them in various aspects of their lives.

For those reasons, the UK gambling regulators are banning online games from placing ads targeted towards minors.

In recent surveys, researchers found by the age of seven, local kids would own a smartphone. In other words, the children could see those graphics and illustrations about gambling from a very young age. And the gambling operators take advantage of it. In fact, they put up ads to target kids specifically.

The British regulatory authorities are doing their best in probing this growing industry. However, some people are doubting their efforts, whether or not their campaigns have been successful.

New Rules Unnecessarily Restrictive

The main goal of stricter rules is to protect consumers from unethical gaming rules and prevent children from gambling addiction. Unfortunately, some Internet gambling brands in the UK are against more rigid rules. For them, the new rules are restrictive in a way that they can adversely affect their businesses.

Casino gambling operators are concerned that tighter rules could result in bigger losses.  Furthermore, the graphics and references added to their games do not necessarily target children because they, too, are appealing to adults.

Children Gamble Offline And Online

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) released reports that showed 12% of the kids from 11 to 16 years old could see updates of gambling operators on social media because they could follow them. Then 13% of these kids have gambled.

Furthermore, the regulator stated that boys are more likely to be influenced when they see gambling ads than girls. That’s why they are typically the ones who would gamble.

It is important to remember, though, that minors could also gamble through brick-and-mortar pub slots and betting shops. In fact, they are more preferred by mentors. Unfortunately, the regulators found that 90% of those British pubs do not implement rules to prevent the kids from gambling.

Despite the stricter rules, you can still find new online bingo sites and other online casinos emerging. Tim Miller, the UKGC Executive Director, revealed that most kids do not gamble through licensed casinos or bingo providers. The reason for this is that the majority of licensed casinos do not permit kids to gamble. They gamble informally, like playing card games or make a bet with their friends. This informal gambling set up is harder to regulate.

Loot boxes in video games are increasingly popular among underage individuals in Britain. They are still considered as gambling because players would pay for a box with in-game items. These items are in the loot box and concealed. They are only revealed after the players have paid to open the box. These loot boxes remain legal in the UK. However, regulators have started to monitor them. Soon, they would come up with a set of rules for these loot boxes.