‘Being Human’: Series 4 cast interview

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As BBC Three’s supernatural drama Being Human returns for a fourth series tomorrow night, CultBox caught up with stars Damien Molony, Michael Socha and Lenora Crichlow for an exclusive chat.

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Following the gripping Series 3 finale in which viewers watched Mitchell fall victim to the wolf-shaped bullet, Series 4 sees the aftermath as the housemates return to their home in Barry Island. There are also some new faces in town…

What were your highlights during the Series 4 shoot?

Lenora Crichlow: “My personal highlight would be lots of baby cuddling. The babies that we had on set were so sweet.

“One of my highlights is the dance in Episode 4. A ghost called Kirby comes into the house and there’s a sequence where he’s in the living room and does a dance. And I think that has to be my favourite scene of all time! It’s brilliant. Very funny, I like anything that makes me laugh.”

Damien Molony: “Mark Gatiss comes along in one or two of the episodes and he is fantastic. Doing scenes with him was absolutely amazing.

“He is such an amazing character and his make-up is so terrifyingly scary. It was great working with him – that was a real highlight for me.”

Who are your favourite guest stars in the new series?

LC: “Mine would be James Lance, who played Kirby.”

Michael Socha: “My favourite was Mark Williams [Harry Potter’s Arthur Weasley], he was really great. We got on really well. Very random sense of humour; dry, but sick, as well, which is quite nice.”

DM: “Aside from Mark Gatiss, Laura Patch, who played Michaela in Episode 3.”

If you could choose anyone, who would be your fantasy guest star, and what role would they play in the show?

LC: “Mine would be Whoopi Goldberg, because she’s the mother of all ghosts! And I love her.”

MS: “That would be my nightmare guest star! I’d go for Tom Hardy.”

All three: “Yes! Tom Hardy!”

Have any of you seen the US remake of the show? If so, what did you think?

LC: “None of us have actually seen it, so we can’t really comment.”

DM: “But it’s very popular and obviously they must be doing a great job. So best of luck to them!”

Lenora, what kind of challenges can we expect to see Annie face in Series 4?

LC: “I think her biggest challenge is to just pull herself together and get on with it again. She’s very close to the edge, because she’s lost everything that keeps her grounded, keeps her safe and feeling real. And so it’s kind of make or break for Annie.

“Either she’s going to man up and take on the challenges in front of her, or disappear on the wind, which is the fate of ghosts who lose their anchor.

“And then she has a little child to look after – the daughter of Nina and George, so that’s her main prerogative. To be this mother figure to everybody, actually. She’s big on the old mothering this series.”

Michael, what sort of impact does becoming an important part of the group have on your character Tom, a former outsider?

MS: “I think you see a lot more of Tom – you might even figure him out by the end. This series is like Tom’s puberty, where he gets to grow up. This is Tom’s adolescence.”

Damien, how do you feel the introduction of your character Hal and in turn an insight into the life of an entirely different kind of vampire affects the tone of Being Human? Does it become darker still?

DM: “There’s certainly some very dark moments. Hal has a very dark past that he’s very ashamed of. He’s regretful about what he’s done and the people that he’s harmed.

“He has visions of all these women that he’s tortured and killed. But what makes it so good is that Hal is like a fish out of water. He is this 1950’s suave gent who is suddenly thrust into 2012 – on Barry Island!

“So much of the funny stuff with Tom is watching the two of them deal with current life and things like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and not knowing what these things are.

“I think the flipside of Hal’s character is that he’s actually very funny because he’s very uncomfortable with modern life.”

The core group dynamic in Being Human is integral to its success – do you think the dramatic character change affects the show’s appeal in any way?

LC: “Not at all! It’s still got its appeal; it’s as charismatic, funny, adventurous, gory, exciting, nerve-wracking, and endearing as ever!”

Are you hopeful for a fifth series?

DM: “God, yeah. We absolutely love Series 4, and we hope all the fans really enjoy it as well, and get behind it the way they got behind all the other series. So fingers crossed. If it’s well received, it would be great to do another series, but you never know.”

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