Heather Peace (‘Lip Service’: Series 3) interview

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Following the conclusion of BBC Three lesbian drama Lip Service‘s second series last week, Heather Peace chats to CultBox about what’s next for cop Sam…

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Have you heard anything about the possibility of a third series?

“No, we never do. It’s always very frustrating, especially for the writers. I just wish we could do it like the Americans do. I think you owe it to your audience to tie up loose ends.

“You want there to be an end, not finishing on a cliff-hanger. If we knew there’d be another two series, then you could have a full storyline arc. Also in the US they contract the actors for the lot, whereas here we can’t financially do it.”

Would you be up for returning as Sam?

“Definitely, yeah! I think where it’s left at the end of Series 2, with Sam and Lexy getting together, I’d imagine that Sam still can’t get her head around things so I don’t think it’ll be easy path to love for them.”

Do you think Sam has genuine feelings for Lexy?

“Yeah, without a doubt, but it’s so soon after the grief that I don’t think she’s ready. To have a proper relationship you have to be a whole and I think half of Sam has been ripped out.”

There were some intense police scenes in the finale – do you enjoy filming that aspect of Sam’s character?

“Yeah, completely! Obviously I want my own spin-off series with Ryder! Gay girl and straight guy cop duo, that’s not been done before. I also think it’s a really interesting relationship to explore. He doesn’t fancy her so there’s no sexual tension, it’s a really nice dynamic with them talking about girls like a pair of blokes really.”

Would you like to explore Sam’s police work more in Series 3?

“Definitely, I totally love Steven Cree who plays Ryder. He’s a smashing actor and we have a great time working together. I’d love to go down thar road a bit more.”

And would you like to film more action scenes as Sam?

“Yeah, I’d love to. There were massive stunts when I did Ultimate Force. I’ve probably got another six or seven years where I can do action stuff so I’d like to do that pretty soon!”

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