Natasha O’Keeffe (‘Lip Service’) interview

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To celebrate the release of BBC Three lesbian drama Lip Service‘s second series on DVD and Blu-ray this week, actress Natasha O’Keeffe chats to CultBox about playing Sadie and what she’s got coming up next…

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What sort of reaction to Sadie have you had from fans?

“I have had nothing but support and sweet comments from fans of Lip Service – a very loyal bunch indeed. Only after crossing into the realms of Twitter recently have I witnessed how loved Lip Service is. It’s fantastic!”

What was your favourite moment for Sadie in Series 2?

“It would probably be Sadie’s fling with being a ‘cheese waitress’. At one point, she tells a table of bankers that they are in fact a table of W*****S!”

Would you like to return for a third series?

“I will keep schtum at this question. I would not like to be a ‘jinxer’! I haven’t heard anything about a third series though.”

What would be your hopes for Sadie in Series 3? The final episode of Series 2 left her in a pretty dark place…

“Maybe a whole Sadie spin-off could happen where we follow her as she burgles from galleries all over the country?!”

Do you think Sadie could ever have a proper relationship with Lauren or has that ship sailed?

“I think Sadie would very much enjoy basking in the luxuries that come along with courting a rich and successful business woman. I feel Sadie is a determined madam and think she would try it on with Lauren again… and again.”

What was Neve McIntosh (Lauren) like to work with?

“Neve is a very giving Actress and was such a pleasure to work with. I hope to collaborate with her again sometime.”

What are your personal highlights and favourite memories from filming Lip Service?

“Glasgow! I think Lip Service really shows off Glasgow in a true light. It has such a mish-mash of beautiful architecture, culture and restaurants, but with that remaining touch of grime so that it’s not all too polished.

“Polished places aren’t my cup of tea. So getting to hang out there for a couple of months was awesome. Also forming some beautiful friendships on the show is another top highlight!”

Can you tell us a bit about your role in Filth and what attracted you to the film? Were you a fan of Irvine Welsh’s book?

“I can tell you I play a part called Anna and that is about it. It is a small part, but I think she’s a cracker. The idea of being in a film that has the likes of James McAvoy, Brendan Gleeson. Eddie Marsan, Jim Broadbent and Shirley Henderson attached (just to name a few) is an incredibly brilliant experience for me as a young actress on the start of her ‘acting voyage’.

“Jon S Baird, who is the director of the film, also wrote the adaptation of Filth from novel to screenplay. The script is just immense. I am indeed a fan of Irvine’s, but admittedly had not read Filth before shooting the film. But I got reading it straight after bagging the role!”

What other projects have you got coming up?

“I have just begun shooting something which I am very thrilled about, but am not allowed to talk about just yet!”

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What did you think of Series 2? Would you like to see Sadie return? Let us know below…

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