‘New Blood’ stars Mark Strepan and Ben Tavassoli reveal their favourite TV shows

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BBC One’s new investigative drama New Blood premieres on iPlayer today.

The seven-part series from Foyle’s War creator Anthony Horowitz stars newcomers Mark Strepan and Ben Tavassoli as two junior investigators who come together against a new breed of criminal – the uber-rich and powerful corporations, individuals and governments who hide behind legitimate facades.

The cast of New Blood also includes Mark Addy (Atlantis), Anna Chancellor (The Hour), Ariyon Bakare (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell), Kimberley Nixon (Fresh Meat), Mark Bonnar (Shetland) and Aiysha Hart (Atlantis).

Episode 1 airs at 9pm on Thursday 9 June on BBC One.

Watch the trailer…

CultBox caught up with actors Mark Strepan and Ben Tavassoli to chat about what they like to watch on TV when they’re not filming…


TV show that reminds you of your childhood:

Mark: “Blind Date. Sitting down with the family and Cilla.”

Ben: “Power Rangers. Going to Woolworths to buy the white one was the best day of my life.”


TV show that reminds you of being a teenager:

Mark: “The Office. It had a cult following in my school and changed my life.”

Ben: “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I remember watching it whilst eating Marmite on toast after school to procrastinate doing my homework!”


Favourite TV show to cheer you up:

Mark: “Anything food based, such as Rick Stein or Masterchef. I love them all!”

Ben: “Entourage. Spend some quality time with Vinnie and the boys.”


Favourite TV show to watch before going to sleep:

Mark: A documentary on Channel 4 or Match of the Day.”

Ben: “Match of the Day. Fighting my eye lids to stay up for the 0-0 at the end.”


Favourite “guilty pleasure” TV show:

Mark: “I suppose it would have to be Green Wing, but there’s not much guilt involved!

Ben: “Not that guilty I know but Friends. It always puts a smile on my face.


TV show that you find most addictive:

Mark: “Any Louis Theroux documentary, Extras or The Office. I will just binge on them.”

Ben: “I’d say Entourage again! I’ve seen every episode at least five times.”


Favourite TV show to watch hungover:

Mark: “Bake Off. I just like watching food programmes.”

Ben: “I can’t keep saying Entourage so will think of something else! Actually, The Office. There’s nothing Ricky Gervais can’t cure.”


Axed TV show that you most wish would return:

Mark: “Jonathan Creek.”

Ben: “Pokemon. Enough said.”


Are you looking forward to New Blood? Let us know below…