AI drama neXt coming to Disney+ this Friday — is it worth your time?

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New on Disney+ (via Star Original) is AI drama neXt, coming this Friday, there’s a catch…

Thanks to What’sOnDisneyPlus we’ve details for new (to Disney+) series neXt:

Silicon Valley pioneer Paul LeBlanc discovers that one of his own creations — a powerful A.I. called neXt — might spell doom for humankind, so he tries to shutter the project, only to be kicked out of the company by his own brother, leaving him with nothing but mounting dread about the fate of the world. When a series of unsettling tech mishaps points to a potential worldwide crisis, LeBlanc joins forces with Special Agent Shea Salazar, whose strict moral code and sense of duty have earned her the respect of her team.

Now, LeBlanc and Salazar are the only ones standing in the way of a potential global catastrophe, fighting an emergent super-intelligence that, instead of launching missiles, will deploy the immense knowledge it has gleaned from the data to recruit allies, turn people against each other and eliminate obstacles to its own survival and growth

The cast includes: John Slattery as LeBlanc and Fernanda Andrade as Salazar; Jason Butler Harner as Ted LeBlanc, Michael Mosley as CM, Eve Harlow as Gina and Aaron Moten as Ben. The season consists of ten episodes dropping weekly, with the finale appearing on May 14th.

Is it worth your time?

NeXt has already screened on Fox in the US to reasonable if not exception reviews. It (as of the time of writing) is showing a 64% critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes and 69% for audience. While there are worse figures, the show was actually cancelled early in its delayed autumn 2020 run. At this time there’s no sign of anyone else picking this up (but you can never tell) and for many people that may be enough to signal they should look elsewhere. NeXt may still be worth a look, and you can watch the trailer to get a first impression. We’ve certainly seen far worse looking programs ending up as personal favourites, so anything’s possible.