Amazon Prime Video UK picks up cancelled Swamp Thing series

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Gone far too soon…

Those wondering if and when the UK will ever get chance to see DC’s quickly-cancelled horror series Swamp Thing will be delighted to learn that Amazon Prime Video UK is planning to make the entire first season available in just a few weeks.

Despite good reviews, Swamp Thing was nixed at its streaming service, DC Universe, after airing just a single episode earlier in the year, and for murky reasons. It’s star, Derek Mears, offered some grim comments about the decision to end the show.

“It was such a heart-breaker to find out after our first episode that we got cancelled for the second season, but all we’ve heard up until that point was how amazing everything was,” he told Collider. “And everyone’s going, ‘We have a big hit on our hands. This is crazy.’ So it’s a weird nebulous space that we’re all in now because we don’t know officially why that would happen, or why they cancelled it.”

DC and its TV studio boss Warner Bros weren’t forthcoming with any reasoning either, offering an official statement that simply said “We appreciate there are questions as to ‘why,’ but unfortunately we are not in a position to answer at this time.”

It still seems like a show well worth checking out. Here’s a preview of what you can expect, should you fancy it:

Swamp Thing will stream from 4th October on Prime.