Beyond Paradise series 2 cast: Anne Lloyd (Barbara Flynn), Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton), Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall), Zahra Ahmadi (DS Esther Williams), Margo Martins (Felicity Montagu), PC Kelby Hartford (Dylan Llewellyn)

Beyond Paradise Series 3 and Christmas Special confirmed

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Investigations in Shipton Abbot have concluded for now, but Humphrey and his team will be back for more.

As Series 2 of Beyond Paradise drew to a heart-warming, if suitably unconventional close, the BBC instantly confirmed the show’s future.

Fans of the investigations of DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and his team, as well as that of wider life in Shipton Abbot, can rest assured that the show returns for Christmas. Beyond that, there’s also a third series in the works for the popular Death in Paradise spinoff.

Sally Bretton, Melina Sinadinou, Zahra Ahmadi & Kris Marshall (c) Red Planet Pictures

Tim Key, the executive producer for Red Planet Pictures said:

“The response to series two has been fantastic. So much love goes into the making of the show and we’re delighted that the audience have enjoyed it so much. We can’t wait to get back to Shipton Abbott for another Christmas special and series to continue the story and learn more about our characters and the town they live in – I can promise that we’ll be making the viewers laugh, cry, laugh a bit more and then baffling them with a series of ingenious puzzles. There will also be a duck.”

The Paraverse

In the wider “Paraverse” of shows, we await the announcement of a new lead detective for Death in Paradise. Ralf Little’s DI Neville Parker left at the end of Series 13, after a record five-years, bound for new adventures.

Since his departure, speculation has been rife with names such as Rupert Grint, Shirley Henderson, Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Toby Jones all being floated. It’s almost as nuts as when they’re casting a new Doctor!

Return to Paradise - Anna Samson as McKenzie Clark with a canine friend
Anna Samson (Image: John Platt)

Meanwhile, the format breaks new ground down under with its other spinoff Return to Paradise. Set in Australia, the show’s lead detective is Anna Samson (Home and Away), playing DI Mackenzie Clarke.

With all these changes afoot, it’s reassuring to know that life in Shipton Abbot continues into 2025 – we’ll keep you posted on Beyond Paradise Series 3.

Meanwhile, the entire back catalogue of Death in Paradise and Beyond Paradise is available on BBC iPlayer.