Bridgerton back on top of the Nielsens

Bridgerton back on top of the latest Nielsens

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Number 2 last week, Bridgerton is back at number 1 in the Nielsens for April 18-24 — but what else happened?

Last week we reported how Bridgerton was beaten to the top of the Nielsens by Marry or Move on — it’s all change this week as the regency romance heads the latest audited viewing ratings. Last week, we suggested this week might bring:

…a good week for Anatomy of a Scandal, over Marry or Move On and Bridgerton dropping further. We are also interested in seeing how Moon Knight and Outer Range perform. There’s no sign of Russian Doll in the Netflix numbers, but we suspect it will appear at some stage

With one glaring difference, we captured the gist of the trends at play, as you’ll see as we get to the numbers…

The Nielsens for April 18-24

This is the published data for streaming originals from the Nielsens, and covers US only — we add the columns marked ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix Bridgerton 16 60 734 12,233,333
2 Netflix Anatomy Of A Scandal 6 45 690 15,333,333
3 Netflix The John Wayne Gacy Tapes 3 61 684 11,213,115
4 Disney+ Moon Knight 4 45 630 14,000,000
5 Netflix The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On 10 40 482 12,050,000
6 Netflix Selling Sunset 44 45 385 8,555,556
7 Amazon Outer Range 8 50 384 7,680,000
8 Netflix Russian Doll 15 30 308 10,266,667
9 Netflix The Last Kingdom 46 55 278 5,054,545
10 Netflix Our Great National Parks 4 52 218 4,192,308

Bridgerton back at #1

Hands up — we got this wrong. what we see in the Netflix data is only Bridgerton season 2 at fourth place, and the list also includes shows not classified as originals. The Nielsens add up both seasons of Bridgerton and we only look at originals. If you compare the numbers to last time, Bridgerton has dropped audience, but not as much as last week’s top show The Ultimatum Marry or Move on.

What else happened?

Russian Doll
Russian Doll

As we expected Anatomy of  a Scandal did well and if you look at our episode watches figures, is the most watched, and well done Moon Knight as the second most watched. The latest MCU show may have dropped a place in the chart, but it’s audience figures is hardly changed and looks to have found its level.

We’re pleased to see Russian Doll and Outer Range is still doing well (it’s released two episodes at a time).

What are we looking out for next week?

From the Netflix data (which is all we can see), it’s all about the final batch of the final season of OzarkSelling Sunset does well and Anatomy of a Scandal looks to fade. We expect Moon Knight to stay top 5, and we’re looking out for Russian Doll and Outer Range.

We’ll be back next week!