Building the World of Shadow and Bone

Building the World of Shadow and Bone — new Netflix video

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Shadow and Bone: Building the World is a new video from Netflix, bringing behind the scenes insight into the soon to be released show

Coming to Netflix on April 23 (one week tomorrow) is Shadow and Bone. We’ve had the official trailer, now we have insight into what goes on behind the scenes to realise and epic fantasy tale. In this five and a half minute video we meet a few of those involved, including Leigh Bardugo (author, executive producer and writer) who gives some insight into her vision of Tsarist Russia as a fantasy world. We also get showrunner (and executive producer and writer) Eric Heisserer who covers some key relationships and a basic introduction into the  system of magic underpinning the series.

We also get few shots showing how stunts were filmed and snippets of comment from some of the main actors involved. The amount of work involved is clearly hard to understand as a viewer, and we didn’t see anything (yet?!) about CGI, model building (if any) or music.

If you’re still considering the show as something to watch, we recommend the Building the World video as offering good insight, and it’s reminded us to make a note in our calendars for the 23rd!