Caity Lotz on the “nerve-wracking” nature of Arrowverse sex scenes

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Caity Lotz –  who has played Sara Lance in The CW’s DC universe since Arrow season 2, most recently leading the Waverider crew in Legends Of Tomorrow – has opened up about the nerve-wracking nature of shooting sex scenes.

“Any time there’s any kind of sex scene, it’s always kind of nerve-wracking,” Lotz said during a panel discussion at the POPSUGAR’s Play-Ground Fest.

“And when you have to be in like lingerie or anything like that. When I first got cast on Arrow… Which, if you’re Arrow fans, you probably already know that there was another Sara Lance in the very first pilot episode. And then when we reshot that, with me getting sucked out of the Gambit, I had to be in lingerie. And it was literally the same lingerie that the other girl wore. And they’re like ‘Here, it has to be this.’ And I was like ‘It doesn’t fit me. My boobs are too small.’ And they’re like ‘We’ll just fill it, it’s fine. It has to be the same one.’”

Lotz went on to recall Sara’s one-night-stand with Chyler Leigh’s Alex Danvers, which took place during last year’s Crisis On Earth-X crossover event:

“And they always shut down sets anytime there’s like a sex scene, or like when Chyler Leigh and I had our one-night stand on the crossover. And we were naked in bed, and they cleared out the entire set, and everyone makes a huge deal out if it. They’re like ‘Are you comfortable? We’ll clear everybody out. If there’s ever anything that feels uncomfortable, just yell stop, and we’ll stop.’ And I’m like ‘Can you just calm down? Everyone just take a break. Just be normal.’ That’s always nerve-wracking.”

Lotz also touched on the fact that Sara is one of the most visible bisexual characters in TV history.

“At first, I remember everyone being like ‘Wow! She’s a woman, and she’s the leader of the group! It’s this big deal!'” Lotz said. “And I’m like ‘Yeah, of course she’s the leader! Duh!’ But I think another big deal about it is that she’s a bisexual woman. And if you think about, specifically, bisexual representation on television, and how much it’s lacking. And to see a female bisexual character as the lead, the captain of this ship, is I think a really really nice step in progress for representation.”

Legends Of Tomorrow returns for its fourth season on The CW on October 22nd. Lotz’s Sara will once again be leading the Waverider crew, with Matt Ryan’s John Constantine stepping up to series regular status. John and Sara had a fling last season, but it’s unclear if that romantic angle will be pursued by the writers going forward.

We’ll bring you more Arrowverse news as we hear it.

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