Galaxy Quest

Details about Amazon’s Galaxy Quest have been released

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There has been much talk, over the years, of a Galaxy Quest reunion. Up until 2014 there was little in way of traction. Many of the stars, including Weaver and Rockwell, had publicly announced their interest in returning to their beloved characters.

So it’s interesting to see that the Amazon tv series will not focus upon the original cast and crew of the Protector. Instead, Paul Scheer has announced that the show will focus upon a new generation of crew and vaguely hints that some fan favourites will make an appearance.

As satires go, this is a clever move. The interview with Paul Scheer suggests that the show will look at the progression of a show (into a franchise perhaps?) and media’s current zeal to ‘pass the torch’ (think last year’s Ghostbusters ‘reboot’). How both casts, or even casting itself, will work episode by episode remains to be seen but expect more news as production starts.