Detectorists 2022 special

Detectorists Special – the BBC returns to Danebury on Boxing Day

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Detectorists is back, but the future of the DMDC is under threat in the upcoming special. 

Here at CultBox Towers, we were gutted that Mackenzie Crook’s superbly sedate comedy Detectorists wound up back in 2017.  After three seasons and a special, we assumed the BBC Four show had had its time.

However, since the announcement, the promise of a sunlight dappled new special has sustained us through the recent freezing weather.

Detectorists 2022 special

For the uninitiated, Detectorists follows friends Andy and Lance, and their exploits as members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club. With its gentle humour and bucolic summer scenery, it is a lovingly created gentle visual treat.

It’s been five years since we left Danebury, but we can’t wait to return on Boxing Day!

Here’s the premise for the new Detectorists special:

The Danebury Metal Detecting Club is in trouble; developers are sniffing around, and after losing out on a big finder’s fee, the club is going to need a miracle to help save their beloved scout hall.

So when Lance manages to secure a permission to search ten acres of prime, undetected land, it looks like things could be on the up. But when a mysterious relic is unearthed, Lance breaks protocol, threatening his friendship with Andy and the future of the DMDC.

The special reunites most of the main cast. Joining Mackenzie Crook’s Andy and Toby Jones’ Lance are many of the usual suspects; Rachael Stirling (Becky), Gerard Horan (Terry), Sophie Thompson (Shelia) Laura Checkly (Louise) Orion Ben (Varde), Divian Ladwa (High), Pearce Quigley (Russell) Paul Casar (Paul), Simon Farnaby (Phil) and Rebecca Callard (Toni) all reprise their roles.

If you want to know more, Radio Times has a fascinating, wide-ranging interview with Crook and Jones. It begins with the big question of why the show has returned, with Mackenzie Crook saying:

“I tentatively said that that was it at the end of the third series because we left them in such a lovely place, and I thought I wouldn’t disturb them again unless I thought of a good story… And one occurred to me.”

Airing on BBC Two at 9pm, the special runs to a leisurely one hour and 13 minutes. Sounds like an ideal way to round out Boxing Day to us!

In the meantime, the entire series is also available on BBC iPlayer.