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Emily in Paris renewed for a second series

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Emily in Paris has been renewed by Netflix for a second series, and the press release is excellent.

If you’re a fan of Netflix series Emily in Paris, then there’s some good news for you. The Savior Agency has written to the Gilbert Group insisting she stay on in Paris, despite certain problems.

Emily in Paris stars Lily Collins in the title role, and it’s refreshing to see Netflix take such a charming approach to a press release. The show is produced by MTV Studios, Darren Star Productions, and Jax Media.In addition to Star, Tony Hernandez and Lilly Burns of Jax Media, and Andrew Fleming serve as executive producers, with Lily Collins herself also serving as producer on the series.

It’s worth seeing the press release as presented by Netflix (see the earlier link), but we repeat some of it here as a taster:

We are writing to regrettably inform you that Emily Cooper will need to remain in Paris for an extended period of time…

The style continues with references to overconfident manner and lack of prior experience but also notes her results are impressive. With a hope she might learn even a few words of French, it concludes with the following:

We love having Emily in Paris! But please don’t let her know that…

So, if you are enjoying Emily’s adventures across the Channel, rest assured you’re not alone and there’s more to come.