A US version of ITV2’s Timewasters is in pre-production at ABC

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Lauren Ashley Smith head writer of A Black Lady Sketch Show is reported as working on a US version of time travel comedy Timewasters 

Deadline reports work is happening to bring a US version of ITVs’2 Timewasters to a new audience through ABC. The show ran for two seasons on ITV2 and was a Big Talk production (the show’s home page is here). There’s a lot of information on the show, including:

Timewasters is a half-hour comedy about a struggling four-piece South London jazz band who travel back in time to the 1920s via a urine-sodden lift in a dilapidated block of flats.

Stuck in the past after their ‘time machine’ malfunctions, our gang decide to explore Edwardian London, before quickly discovering that being young and black in the Jazz Age is a lot less genteel and a lot shadier than Downton Abbey had led them to believe

Roll forward to 2021, and the premise for the US take is (so far):

…four Black twenty-something New Yorkers who accidentally end up in the year 1926, despite being deeply unenthusiastic about and deeply unequipped for time travel. The series follows the foursome’s often-bumbling attempts to survive and thrive in the Harlem Renaissance as it explores what it means to be Black in 2021, what it means to be Black in 1926 and the unique experience of being Black in both time periods

At present the new show has a working title of The Untitled Time Travel Comedy — it’s one of a few shows going through the pre-production process, so no real sense of will it happen, nor when it might appear. We would imagine 2022/23 as a target.

We’ll bring you more news as we get it.