Anna Skellern on her ‘very fun and very naughty’ character in ‘Parade’s End’

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The Australian actress, who plays Lady Bobbie Pelham in Sir Tom Stoppard’s new five-part mini-series, told CultBox: “I’m a huge Blackadder fan, and [Miranda Richardson] is a wonderful woman. On first read through … Miranda came and sat next to me and I thought, ‘I’m sitting next to Queenie, I can die happy’. I hope she doesn’t read this!”

She added: “I’m a massive fan of Rebecca Hall’s, I think all young actors should be like her.”

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Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall, Parade’s End is currently airing at 9pm on Friday nights on BBC Two.

Describing her character, Skellern commented: “[Bobbie] is very fun and very naughty, she’s Sylvia’s best friend. Sylvia isn’t the ideal wife but Bobbie is far worse. Bobbie’s out for enjoying the world. Bobbie would have been a brilliant business woman if she wasn’t born just after the beginning of the last century; she would have been very industrious.”

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