‘Arthur is forced to confront magic’ in ‘Merlin’ Series 5

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According to SciFiNow, Morgan (who plays the eponymous warlock) said the new series features the “most important scenes there has ever been in terms of Merlin’s magic. Arthur is forced to confront magic a lot in this series, and that could change everything, for Merlin and for everyone.”

“It’s definitely the most ambitious series yet,” he added. “They’ve pushed our characters into manhood, and this is the Merlin I’ve been waiting for.

“We left Merlin at the end of the last season tipping over into a darker side, and I think that’s a reference for me for the rest of this season. I think he is so confident in himself now, and in who he is and what he is destined to do. He has a resilience and a power that drives him for this season. He gives as good as he gets.”

What are your hopes for Merlin’s character in Series 5? Do you think it’s time his magic was revealed? Let us know below…

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