BBC orders second series of I’ll Get This

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BBC Two is bringing back I’ll Get This for a second series, so prepare to see more comedians playing games over dinner with the loser getting the bill…

“The game of dinner party jeopardy is set to return with a new group of daring diners,” the British Comedy Guide website has quoted the Beeb as saying.

“As before, five famous faces meet at a restaurant and reluctantly surrender their credit cards. They play a series of funny and revealing games with the loser of the games having to pick up the bill for everyone, making it an expensive night for one of the celebrities.”

The producers at 12 Yard Productions added this: “This new series sees another group of household names take on the challenge, and run the risk of footing the bill for their fellow diners.”

The BBC’s head of comedy, Paul McGettigan, said this: “We are delighted to be bringing our unique dining format back to¬†BBC Two. Celebrities better start saving because yes, they really do pay the bill!”

We’ve been told to expect I’ll Get This series 2 to appear on our tellies early next year. It will consist of six episodes. Will you be making a reservation to watch it?