Catherine Tate to star in Sky Arts comedy ‘Psychobitches’

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The final addition to Sky Arts’ Playhouse Presents series, Psychobitches will star Rebecca Front as the therapist, Catherine Tate as Eva Braun and Edith Piaf, Sharon Horgan as Jane Austen and Frieda Kahlo, Katy Brand as Joan of Arc and George Eliot, Sheila Reid as Mother Theresa, Sam Spiro as Mary Whitehouse and Judy Garland, and Selina Griffiths as Beatrix Potter.

Executive producer Ben Cavey commented: “The team of writers – Jeremy Dyson, Laurence Rickard, Simon Carlyle and Morwenna Banks, Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie- have created a brilliantly unique and original way of interpreting the sketch genre.”

Playhouse Presents continues every Thursday at 9pm on Sky Arts 1.

Watch the Playhouse Presents trailer…