Character info revealed for ITV2 witches drama ‘Switch’

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Written by Chloe Moss (Skins) and Tim Price (Secret Diary of a Call Girl), the six-part series will star Lacey Turner (EastEnders), Nina Toussaint-White (Doctor Who), Phoebe Fox (Black Mirror) and Hannah Tointon (The Inbetweeners).

The official synopsis is as follows:

“Take four girls, add some flirting, stir in a quantity of heady rebelliousness, a pinch of risk-taking, several spoonfuls of true friendship and Stella, Jude, Grace and Hannah are born. Four young twenty somethings based in London’s CamdenTown who just happen to be witches!

“Behind the curtains of their north London home they hide a secret, which has fostered the strongest of bonds – they are members of a witches coven and spells are the thing they do best!

“Set in Camden and Kensington, Switch will chart the girls struggle as they make their way in the world. Stella (Lacey Turner) is the careerist. Always immaculately dressed and with a rotten boss, Janet, who takes great pleasure in telling terrified Stella she’s crap at her job and should find another profession.

“Jude (Nina Toussaint-White) is the fashionista of the bunch, stylish, sexy and clothes conscious she works in a fashion store and certainly has an eye for the boys! Free-spirited and cool Gerry, a guitarist in an indie band, is one of her conquests. Miles is another, but is he really straight?

“Newest to London and struggling to cope with the BigCity is Grace (Phoebe Fox). She has a traditional attitude to witchcraft, a strong moral sense and tends to pull the girls back from the brink when they are teetering on the edge of disaster.

“Hannah (Hannah Tointon) is the traveller of the pack, who arrives from India at the beginning of the drama. Although devoted to the girls wherever she is in the world, Hannah is restless and a commitment–phobe. She’s also the most spontaneous of the quartet.

“Grace’s mum Gloria also puts in an appearance and is a witch of the old-fashioned kind. The Solstice is important to her and she’ll stop at nothing to persuade Grace and her friends to attend the ceremony this year.

“Alongside the Witches of Camden there’s a brooding dark force in the form of the Witches of Kensington – Alexa, India, Romola and Remy. These girls aren’t to be messed with. They are sworn enemies and when they set their sights on making life hell for our quartet the lengths they’ll go to is pure evil!”

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