Counterpart is looking for a new network after being cancelled by Starz

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Counterpart, the Starz TV series starring Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons, has been cancelled by its network and is now searching for a new home. We’ve got the skinny for you right here…

Counterpart had been running on Starz for two seasons, chronicling the alt-universe lives of two different characters played by J.K. Simmons. One works as a low-level bureaucrat at the United Nations, while the other is the dimension-hopping field agent.

The Starz network has now cancelled the show, with Counterpart creator Justin Marks being prompted to post this statement in a thread on Twitter:

“Hey #counterpart fans, a bit of sad news… Starz has decided not to pick up our show for a 3rd season…It’s been an absolute dream for this team… we got to make EXACTLY the show we wanted to… perfect cast, perfect crew on 2 continents… and we’re so grateful to our network for the time we had… Thank you to everyone who made this journey so special for us. Your tweets, podcasts, and intricate conspiracy theories have made it all worthwhile. Fingers crossed that our wonderful studio, MRC, can find a way to keep the dream alive! But in the meantime, one more episode until the end of a chapter. See you Sunday!”

A report from the trade publication Deadline Hollywood does indeed note that MRC, the company that produces the series, “is currently shopping the show to streaming platforms” with a view to keeping Counterpart going at a new home.

Is it possible that a Netflix or an Amazon Prime could pick the show up and give it a lease of new life? We’ll just have to wait and see…