Dan Stevens on Legion season 2: “We want to take you on this really trippy route”

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Legion star Dan Stevens has assured fans that it’s absolutely okay to have no clue what is going on during the show’s season 2 premiere.

Legion season 2 has now debuted on both sides of the Atlantic, and if any UK fans missed the initial broadcast, they can catch up on Now TV. After the watching the episode, if you have no idea what to make of it, fear not: that’s exactly how you’re meant to feel.

Here’s how Stevens summed things up in a new interview:

“Yeah, [it’s] a little bit [giving myself up to the madness]. And that’s part of the ask to the audience as well.

“Everybody’s like, ‘Ahh, I don’t know what’s happening!’ It’s like, ‘Well, you shouldn’t know what’s happening one hour into an 11 hour story.’

“We want to take you on this really trippy route, and if we gave everyone too many answers one hour in, that would be a bit dull. So we’re looking to intrigue and take you on a trip.”

Also, when asked about David’s still-not-over conflict with Aubrey Plaza’s Shadow King, Stevens said this:

“Well, that’s the question – is he free of the Shadow King? He’s supposedly been expelled from David, but it’s still going to involve a confrontation from that, and what that means, and how David is now defined without him, having been occupied for so long”.

Apparently, we’ll see a face-to-face conflict between David and the Shadow King next week. As this barmy narrative continues to unspool in some seriously surprising ways, that’s certainly something to look forward to.

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