Flack renewed for season 2, adding Sam Neill to the cast

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Flack, the Anna Paquin starring drama based in the world of PR, has been renewed for a second season. Plus, some impressive actors are joining the cast for Flack season 2…

The show, which airs on UKTV’s W channel, was created by Oliver Lansley, who will return to write the scripts for season 2. The new season will air in 2020 and consist of six episodes.

Anna Paquin, former star of the X-Men movie franchise, said this about the series’ renewal: “One of the most exciting pieces of feedback I received after the season finale of Flack was people begging for more episodes, so they could continue to ride the intensely exciting rollercoaster of our show and find out what the future had in store for our characters. And it is with such joy and pride that I can confirm we are in fact about to start production on season two. Many questions were left unanswered, shocking plot twists were dropped into our viewers’ laps, and this season I can promise even more of the darkly comedic client dramas, as well as fascinating insight into the tumultuous personal lives of our exceptional ensemble of badass women.”

Additionally, we know that Sam Neill of Jurassic Park and Hunt For The Wilderpeople fame is joining the cast. Daniel Dae Kim, Jane Horrocks, Giles Terera and Amanda Abbington have also lined up guest roles in Flack‘s second season.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.