Game Of Thrones: Sophie Turner doesn’t fancy a Sansa spinoff

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For some characters, the end of Game Of Thrones felt like a new beginning. One player in this situation was Sansa Stark, but Sophie Turner isn’t interested in carrying on Sansa’s story in a spinoff series. Here’s why…

Turner, who is currently doing the publicity rounds for her starring role in the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie, was chatting to The Hollywood Reporter when she made this revelation. Asked if she would ever play Sansa again, Turner offered this definitive answer:

“No. It’s time for me to say goodbye. She’s ended up in a place that I’m so happy with. I don’t know. It would be different if someone actually came and said, ‘We want to do a Sansa spinoff show,’ but I’m pretty sure I’d say no. It’s been 10 years of watching this character grow, and she’s at her peak right now. I’m sure if she carried on and did a spinoff show, it would just be downhill from there. She’d have to go through some other terrible traumas or something, and I don’t want to do that.”

As for whether she will carry elements of Sansa with her as her own career progresses, Turner said this:

“I haven’t put her away at all. It’s her resilience and her strength that I’m going to carry with me. I’ve never felt more empowered as a character than I have with Sansa. I think she’ll stay with me for the rest of my life. All my formative years were spent playing Sansa. I think even if I tried, I couldn’t shake her off.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is in cinemas now, and with Disney taking over Fox, it will probably mark the end of this era of X-Men movies. We look forward to seeing what Turner does next, then, now that both her Sansa Stark and Jean Grey days seem to be done. Watch this space.

You can read the full interview on THR at this link: