Game Of Thrones spinoffs: Kit Harington isn’t involved

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If you were hoping that one of HBO’s in-development Game Of Thrones spinoffs is a Joey-style sitcom for Jon Snow, where Kit Harington’s bearded orphan meets a set of wacky new pals and attempts to sort out his career, sadly you were mistaken.

Harington has revealed that he has nothing to do with the Game Of Thrones spinoffs. Speaking to Italian GQ, the king in the north said this about HBO’s future plans for the Thrones universe:

“I think there’s going to be spin-offs, but I’m not going to be involved in any of it. The great thing about Thrones for HBO is that you can sell it in a totally different way. You could set it 300 years earlier and save a load of money because we [the cast] are very expensive now.”

In that quote, Harington touches on something that many fans have discussed about the Thrones spinoffs: there is a lot of potential in the idea of setting a new show centuries before Game Of Thrones, telling a wholly different story of war and betrayal, with a fresh set of characters. As Harington notes, if they went down this route, HBO wouldn’t need to bring back any of the expensive cast members from Game Of Thrones season 8.

As it stands, there are numerous Thrones spinoffs in development, but nothing has been formally announced about their stories. It’s unclear how many of these spinoffs will eventually get made, but it seems safe to assume that HBO wants something to release in 2020. After all, Game Of Thrones will conclude in 2019 and leave a sizeable hole in the network’s schedule.

As we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Italian GQ (via ET Canada)