Gotham season 5 could be adding Bane

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Prepare to strain your ears again as Batman’s most muscley menace intones teasing taunts from beneath a metal mask, because it looks a lot like the character of Bane is returning to our screens.

Tom Hardy made Bane world famous with his notoriously tough-to-hear performance in The Dark Knight Rises, and now the Gotham TV series is believed to be adding its own version of the iconic Batman villain.

This news stems from an article on Spoiler TV, where the first eight episode’s titles were revealed for Gotham‘s fifth and final season. Unless Spoiler TV were given false information, there’s a particularly big clue in to be found in the eighth episode title:

Gotham – Episode 5.01 – Year Zero
Gotham – Episode 5.02 – Trespassers
Gotham – Episode 5.03 – Penguin, Our Hero
Gotham – Episode 5.04 – Ruin
Gotham – Episode 5.05 – Pena Dura
Gotham – Episode 5.06 – The Air is Getting Slippery
Gotham – Episode 5.07 – TBA
Gotham – Episode 5.08 – I Am Bane

Bane, created by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, first appeared in the comics in 1993. He famously ‘broke the Bat’ in a spine-shattering series entitled Knightfall, which spanned 1993 and 1994. This iconic plotline was later referenced in The Dark Knight Rises, where Hardy’s Bane injured Christian Bale’s Batman and left him in a hole.

We haven’t heard yet who’ll be playing Bane opposite David Mazouz’s young Bruce Wayne, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as more news comes to light.